Scavenger Hunt

April fool’s day is the only day of the year that gives you an excuse to make a fool of yourself. Well, for adults at least! ;P

So since it was 1.) officially the start of Summer 2.) graduation celebration for my girls 3.) April Fool’s Day.. we decided to have an impromptu scavenger’s hunt party! m/

Got our a$$e$ off the bed, showered, & headed off to the grocery for food, chips, drinks & prizes needed for the party. Then organized the scavenger’s hunt list. This is what we came up with..

Scavenger Hunt

As you already know, tonight we shall have a scavenger hunt. You will be grouped then given a list of things to do, to fins, to take photos of & with.. and to dig up! Each item on the list is equivalent to certain number of points. To add to the stress, those name tags hanging around your necks serve as your life. Members of opposing teams have the power to sneak up on you and snatch those name tags. Once your tag is snatched, you must immediately come back to the house. Minus 20 points for your group! The rules are simple:
1. No Sabotage. No violence.
2. Person without a wig merits a subtraction of 20 pts.
3. No cars allowed.
4. All photos must be taken within the given time frame (2 hours).
5. At least 1 member of the group must be in every photograph.
6. Everything on the list needs photographic evidence. Items in ITALICS must be brought back. Minus 10 pts for every item not included.
7. Name tags must not be removed from neck or hidden.
8. If your photo is taken by the opponent while you are performing a task, they can choose any of your items worth 10 pts. or below.
9. “Police” will be roaming at times. If you are caught, you must surrender any item worth 10 pts. or below.
10. The group is not allowed to disband at any time. All members must be back to the house by 11 pm. Any minute more merits a subtraction of 1 pt.
FIND or BE FOUND. KILL or BE KILLED. Goodluck, let the games begin, may may the odds be always in your favor!
1. Roadkill (dead frog) – 30 pts.
2. Dog Turd – 20 pts.
3. Opponent’s photo (captain) – 10 pts.
4. Opponent’s photo (posse) – 5 pts.
5. Mango Tree leaf – 1 pt.
6. Buko Fruit – 30 pts.
7. A photo of you in a fruit bearing tree street sign – 5 pts.
8. A photo of you talkin to a security guard – 5 pts.
9. A photo of you praying by the grotto in front of Padre Garcia St. – 5 pts.
10. Mango fruit with stem & leaf freshly picked from a tree – 20 pts.
11. Yellow bell flower – 1 pt.
12. Orchid – 1 pt.
13. A strand of white hair – 10 pts.
14. Longest armpit hair – 5 pts.
15. A photo with a Korean – 10 pts.
16. Flower pot with flower & soil – 10 pts.
17. Photo inside St. James mausoleum – 5 pts.
18. Photo of a stray dog – 10 pts.
19. Photo planking on the Cuenca Bridge – 10 pts.
20. Photo of a sleeping security guard – 30 pts.
21. Photo in front of a prominent shabu house – 10 pts.
22. Bra – 20 pts.
23. Photo of a dog walking with owner – 10 pts.
24. Dig up an earthworm – 10 pts.
25. Group picture with a Sampaloc Tree – 10 pts.
26. Photo with an Aratilis Tree – 20 pts.
27. Photo of a member jumping into a pool (excluding pool in my house/any participant’s house) – 50 pts
28. Photo of a member peeing in an empty lot – 50 pts.
29. Photo of members forming a human pyramid in Palico St. – 50 pts.
30. Video of members performing a “ding-dong-ditch” (someone must come out) – 50 pts.
Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!!!

One thing my kids can’t accuse me of is being boring. :P I’m glad they all had fun. And here’s proof of that…

Princess & the squished frog! ;))
With a stolen flower pot.
So now I have a new plant! ;))
My babyson’s group. Plotting & scheming… ;P
With the turd they found! :))
Caught in the act! :)
and PEEING to boot!!! ;))
I love Jino. He’s sooo game!
Roadkill & dog turd! Eeeeewwwee! ;))
Picking a mango
Each team rode a golfcart.
oh no.. not getting into trouble, I hope??? ;))
Poop scoop..
LOL! :)
Planking on a bridge ;)
Coming back with their loot! 
ate’s group.
and the Winning Group with their prize -NERF GUNS for our next adventure..
-The Zombie Apocalypse!!! m/
All in the spirit of fun.
Happy April Fool’s!!! :)
Do watch out for the next adventure I’m mapping out for them. And yes, it involves zombies & a dark abandoned building! ;))
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