Say No Evil

Last night was the CHRISTmas party at our badminton court. We’re all pretty close, in fact we’re like second family. Some people you like more than the others, the rest -not so. But you keep smiling & force yourself to like everybody because.. well that’s business for ya! ;))

My hunny & I were seated at a table with our usual group when Armee comes up to me & exclaims loudly for all to hear

(Our one-sided conversation)
Her: Bakit ka nagpa-gupit?
Me: (smile)
Her: Naku bakit naman minurder ang buhok mo, saan ka ba nagpa-gupit???
Me: (smile thinning)
Her: Kung ako yan umiyak na ako!
Me: (smile gone. Replaced by grimace!!!)

For once in my life, I was caught speechless! Good thing one of my bffs Monsy covered for me & said “no naman, I think it’s cute & it suits her!” OMG! I have never been more grateful to her for that saving grace. All eyes were on me, I really was at a loss for words, hahaha! :P

Monsy, the one in the middle, and Armee on you rightmost. ;)

O siya, ikaw na ‘te! @_@ Some days you win, some days you lose. I just try to see the humor in it. This too shall pass! (and my hair too, will grow -haha) ;))

We have what you call a “glug-glug gang” in our badminton court, composed of ano pa.. di mga tomadors hahaha, and queen bees (where we sit, gossip, and malign the worker bees, LOL-jk! @_@)

We have a queueing system where they just come & pay 100 php for an arranged game from 7PM-12 midnight during weekdays. After every game the glug-glug gang hangs around for a round or two (or sometimes more) of drinks (and sometimes pica if players are feeling generous! ;P). The group started with just 6-8 and has now grown into quite a few (of drinkers haha!)

This is the reason why my honey comes home way past midnight, giving me huge eye-bags, as I wait for him to come home while I babysit our kids!!!! @_@

These pictures were taken at yet another drinking christmas party at one of our player’s cafe, Atos’ Rack & Coffenista in B.F. where yes.. they spent the night drinking away. Nope, my hunny & I don’t drink. We just eat, haha! ;P

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