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Saturday Night Fever

A sweet friend of ours surprised Kap & me with 2 tickets to the musical Saturday Night Fever at the theater of Solaire Resorts & Casino the other day. Kap & I are not fans of musicals but because this was a gift from a dear friend, and Saturday Night Fever is more or less our “era”, Kap & I got excited for a night out. We seriously thought of going in 70’s costumes but couldn’t find bell-bottom jeans at such short notice. Sayang! Cute sana diba?


Saturday Night Fever, one of the most loved dance stories of all time, will run at The Theatre at Solaire Resort & Casino until the end of July. The original ‘70s dance film follows the life of the young Tony Manero, originally played by John Travolta, and his weekend disco-dancing antics in a Brooklyn discotheque. The film’s livewire dancing, featuring classic disco songs from the Bee Gees, catapulted its soundtrack to become one of the best-selling soundtracks of all time. Witness a talented cast relive the fever as they groove to the Bee Gees classics, including “Stayin’ Alive,” “Night Fever,” “Jive Talking,” “You Should Be Dancing,” and “How Deep is Your Love?”



You only have 3 showings left so if you like 1977 disco hit songs by the Bee Gees, buy your tickets now! July 24, Friday 8pm – 11pm | July 25, Saturday 8pm – 11pm | July 26, Sunday 3pm – 6pm CLICK HERE or Call TicketWorld at 891-9999 or visit ticketworld.com.ph.

Saturday Night Fever the musical is a much-anticipated Asian tour of the Broadway-hit musical and 1977 blockbuster movie of the same title which will also show in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore after its one-month-weekends-only run in the Philippines. It is brought to us by Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group (ATEG) in coordination with Robert Stigwood organization.

In the main casts are Brandon Rubendall (original cast member of Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark on Broadway), and Jenna Rubaii (Green Day’s American Idiot, US and International Tour alumnus).

Tickets are priced at P6,000 VIP | P5,250 Price Zone A | P4,500 Price Zone B | P3,250 Price Zone C | P2,500 Price Zone D | and P1,500 Price Zone E.


The story: Tony forgets the harsh realities of his life (his dad is a jobless drunkard and his elder brother leaves the priesthood) and comes fully alive only when he is dancing on Saturday nights at the local disco club, where everyone admires him for his dancing skills. He then gets caught up in a love triangle. His dance partner, Annette, is madly in love with him but he gets attracted to a new girl, Stephanie, an office worker in Manhattan who thinks she’s above the rest and acts like a snotty bitch but eventually also falls for Tony. The opening number is the big 70s hit, “Staying Alive”, featuring live wire dancing from the whole ensemble. Hit after hit of familiar Bee Gees disco songs follow. The songs catapulted the movie sound track then as one of the best selling soundtracks of all time. This includes “You Should Be Dancing”, “Night Fever”, “Jive Talking” and “How Deep is Your Love”, all given new arrangements and rendered beautifully by the entire cast. Source: Pinoy Showbiz

You can read more about SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER HERE.

The tickets our generous friend gave us were for balcony. Kap & I were actually ok with that and super thankful for the thoughtful gift. She wanted to exchange our tickets for better seats for another day but we really didn’t want to cause any more trouble so we held on to our original tickets & thanked her profusely. A blessing is a blessing. <3



We swapped picture-taking sessions with another show-goer. Lugi yata kami, hindi sila marunong kumuha. Putol ang paa! ;))



Better shot with the PLDTHome cameraman haha! :P

One thing with Kap & I is we’re full of misadventures, not just adventures. :) And misadventures are the ones that are memorable. It’s always fun going out on dates because we have hoots of laughters in between.

When the lights dimmed as we were seated high above, Kap & I whispered back & forth strategizing how we can sneak to the VIP section (gold seats) below when the usher wasn’t looking anymore since a good number of seats were unoccupied anyway. A whole block was actually there for the taking.


From Red..



Armed with extra sensory powers probably, and hearing our naughty convo (or seeing our sign language pointing to all the seats in front) -also probably to shut both of us up, our kind usher came & whispered asking if we wanted to transfer seats & move closer. Of course we nodded simultaneously & jumped at the chance and followed his lead to VIP. :P


to Gold! \m/



Then I tried taking pictures even after numerous warnings prior that we were NOT allowed. I’m just so pasaway, aren’t I. *Click click click. The same usher came to us, poked my shoulder, and asked nicely if I could delete all the photos I took. Binantayan niya talaga ako. He stood patiently as I deleted one by one. *Delete delete. What he doesn’t know is I can recover from my iPhone hehe. And so here we are! I swear, Kap & I will probably be blocked from Solaire forever! :P Uuuuy, pang-souvenir lang naman. And I didn’t take photos of the production number kaya pagbigyan nyo nalang po ako?



The über pasaways. Giddy & happy that we got upgraded! ;)) Lucky night! Dapat yata nag-casino kami!

After the show, we had a quick dinner & walked around a bit. We were so empacho from a heavy lunch with friends but a date is a date. We had to have dinner or it wasn’t considered a date (not in my book anyway).

Lucky Noodles

Solaire Resort & Casino, 1 Solaire Blvd., Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay (02) 888-8888




I love watching Kap when he’s unaware. <3 I know bakyang-bakya at baduy na baduy na siguro kayo sa pagka-starry eyed ko sa asawa ko but I can’t help it. I’m always in awe at how lucky I am to be married to this wonderful guy.



Because we were still so full, we decided to just have a noodle bowl each. Wrong move haha. Noodles = empacho pa more! Heavy on the tummy.



Hers. Make your own noodle for only 300 php. My choice of egg noodle with szechuan hot & spicy soup, pak choy & shitake mushrooms, braised berf brisket & shrimp wonton, and spring onions. Yum yum! <3




and His. Kap’s choice of egg noodle with laksa soup, pak choy & bean curd, fried fish fillet & shrimp wonton.



Oh! And we split this super yummy (and incredibly underpriced) Spicy Sour Chicken and Jelly Fish Salad 180 php. Must have, I promise you.



I love date nights with my Honey. <3

We were soooo full that we were torn between going home & sleeping na, or walking it off at baka bangungutin kami. Nanaig ang takot. We walked around a bit! ;))


Past the smoke-belching casino, Solaire really is so beautiful with flowers everywhere. These are fake, but the rest spread around are fresh orchids. I delighted in touching each velvety soft & smooth petal.



You might want to check out the MONA LISA PROJECT by Soler Santos. The Mona Lisa Project features 83 artists who did their take of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Very interesting.

On our way home, we couldn’t access the no-crossing bar at the parking because we didn’t have a parking ticket. Kamot ulo kami coz we watched all the cars pass and go by, one by one nakalabas naman sila. They all had tickets & the bar lifted each time they fed the box. Kami walang ticket.

Then Kap remembered. Sumampa nga pala sya sa island kasi hindi nya nakita at mababa lang. Which is why we weren’t issued a ticket! LMAO, ROFL! We are such pasaway people. In fairness, it was only our second time in Solaire therefore we didn’t know the drill. So the only logical thing was to get out the same way. Hala Kap, sampa uli! Buti nalang wala nang tao at hindi kami na-video for youtube!


Reading this, our benefactor will probably think twice, or thrice, before giving us freebies anytime soon hehe. Pati siya mapapahamak dahil sa amin ni Kap! Apologies pohwz!

Dearest Mare, Kap & I can never thank you enough for your thoughtfulness. This was such a lovely surprise & we were greatly touched by the sweet gesture. How I wish I can thank you publicly, but oo nga naman, mahirap na haha. Baka madaming maghingian. Kap & I had a fun fun night filled with belly-aching laughter! Sobrang saya & hilarious our night. I love you grande. Mwah mwah tsup tsup! :-*

The GOppets are so lucky to be blessed with so many gifts & opportunities from wonderful friends. We are thankful for each one, big or small. Muchas gracias from the bottom of our big fat hearts. Until our next misadventure (which isn’t long!) ;)

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