Saturday Market

Yesterday, ate was craving for roasted calf (actually, among a lot of other things she was craving for ie: pepper lunch, chicken inasal & chicboy!), so we went to the Saturday Market to satisfy her craving.. because she is my princess! and I’m cool that way! ;P

To our gloom, they didn’t have roasted calf!!! (yes, she got all of us craving it too!) And it was raining kinda hard.. so we just bought my bibingka from Joni’s (uh-huh, they have joni’s in our weekly saturday market. Thank goodness for that at least hehe!). Joni’s bibingka & puto bumbong IS TO DIE FOR I tell ya!!!

This. Is. So. Yummy!!! <3

sticky purple puto-bumbong. Not just for Christmas! :)

I would have loved to take more pics of the saturday market to share with you, but it was just raining too hard to take nice pictures. So I will just do that next saturday, promise! :)

Anyway, since my princess wasn’t happy YET, we went to the mall so she can satisfy her craving. We eeny-meeny-miny-moed her 3 choices & landed with pepper lunch. So pepper lunch it is! Ganun ka-simple! :P

I swear, ate was actually GLOWING & her mood ring was
dark, dark blue while she was eating this, hahaha! ;P
She got the Pepper Rice Fever: Chao Han (seafood mix)
and extra side dish of veggies which she generously shared with me! <3
My lovey got her usual chicken pepper lunch (pre-mixed again because she just hates the talsik!
and I also got my usual double hamburger with egg.
My lovey & I are creatures of habit, haha.
Ate is the more adventurous one, seeking a different kind every time.
Enjoying their vanilla crepe cake..
I like the starbucks christmas version better because there’s chocolate syrup.
This one is too plain for me, but the girls loved it.
I had my bibingka! <3 <3 <3
The saturday market will be in zobel for the next 2 weeks. See you there! :-*
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