Saturday Market 2

I just loooovvveee saturdays!!! <3 All my kids are safe at home & we get to sleep in!!! :) PLUS!!! There’s the SATURDAY MARKET!! It’s like a mini bazaar with all the yummy food.. salivating!!! @_@

You should see our december bazaars!!! But that’s another story! ;)

My babyson was in a bumming mood so he stayed at home while the 2 girls went with me to explore the market. Thank God for girls!!! <3

Lazin’ with his ps3! :P
Couldn’t get him to budge!
As promised, here are some pictures of today’s food trip…
On our way to the Saturday Market.
I love how our village looks on weekends.. so serene & peaceful! <3
Other items are also for sale, not just food.
I love our saturday market. But I heard Salcedo Village has an even better weekend market.
More stuff. More fun. Must go!!! 
Fruit vendors..
Vegetable vendors..
Seafood vendors..

Even rice & grains are sold! :)
Our favorite & such a best seller.. THE LECHON!!! @_@
Hot chocolate..
and juices!
Processed meat..
Cooked food..
yummm!!! I wanted to eat breakfast at the market but ate pretended not to hear me
& walked very very fast –away from the market & towards our car!!!!
She wanted Mary Grace.. which is more expensive.. and serves the same for breakfast naman! @_@
Of course, I never fail to get my favorite bibingka! <3
and puto bumbong! :)
Will power… walked past these! :P

The market even sells orchids! :)
And see how green our village is. Very good! :)
Less carbon footprints too! Many of the home owners use their golf carts if it’s just around the village.
Passed bikers on our way home to fetch my babyson.
I know I said it already, but I’ll keep saying it again.
I really really love our village. <3 <3 <3
It’s like we’re living in the province, so many trees! Such clean air!
Went on to Mary Grace for breakfast..
My kids wanted to eat sitting down, in an air-conditioned room
& with proper utensils that don’t break midway haha..
The spoiled brats! Whom I love hehe! ;))
Chicken Inasal with rosemary rice.
Vigan longganiza with rosemary rice & mushroom omelette 
Beef tapa with rosemary rice
Happy faces! <3
Passed by Odyssey on the way out. Bought some CHILL acoustic CDs for my car.
I don’t normally listen to music, or like it that much.
But this type of music caught  my attention.
Sigh.. this is the life. Stomach full & chillin’ to my music,
I let my chauffeur drive us home! ;P

Next saturday, I will take pictures of garage sales naman in our village. You never know what treasures lie lurking amidst those pile! Happy weekend everyone! :-*

PS- Look at what our kusinera cooked for lunch… terno pa talaga to my lovey’s shirt hahaha!!! ;))

Thank you tita Nancy for the super cute limited Edition SINIGANG shirt from Team Manila! :-*
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