Santa Came to Town!

Christmas came early this year for the kids! :P It’s not that they can’t contain their excitement, but more of I can’t contain MINE, teehee!! :P I was so excited to find the perfect gifts for the kiddos that I had to give it to them early or I will definitely BURST!!

I have 1 adult & 2 teens now, so I stepped up my game this year. No more toys -they’ve all outgrown that stage. It’s time for serious gifts that they will treasure & hand down to their own kids someday (far far FAR away!).

My kids, they NEVER ask for anything. Totoo yan. That’s why I always make sure that I give them something they will really love & appreciate coz they are such good kids. I could give them something really simple like a shirt & they would still love it as long as it comes from me. That’s how much they love & adore me, so I really try to reciprocate! ;)

Reversible belt, depends on what strikes her mood that day! ;)
This particular color (orange) was soooooo hard to find!
I had to ask 4 friends who went abroad to look for it. I finally chanced upon one, yay! <3

Matching wallet & belt for my macho babyson! ;))
SQUEAK! <3 A Mouse shoe for my Lavinia who loves all creatures big & small! ;))
Of course baby Jela also has one!
But she opted to open her gift on CHRISTmas day. :P

The looks on their face.. PRICELESS! <3 That alone is MY best CHRISTmas present!

Not to worry, they are not spoiled brats! ;) Every year, they have a raffle & “adopt” a family from my mom’s staff (drivers) & give them food and gifts to enjoy for CHRISTmas. We also drive around with clothes/shoes/toys they have already outgrown but are still in excellent condition, and my kids give them to random street children we happen to bump into. My kids know the real meaning behind the holiday, which makes me even more proud of the kind of people they are becoming.

I feel the need to explain because there are some haters out there (cringe)…

Please don’t judge us. :)
CHRISTmas comes but once a year. Allow me to spoil them a bit.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry CHRISTmas, my babies!! <3 <3 <3
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