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Sandbox @ Alviera

Ayala Land, Inc., with Leonio Land recently launched ALVIERA, a town that is envisioned to house top-notch schools, commercial centers, residential developments, hotels, and a country club among others. On April 12, Alviera opened the first of its attractions, SANDBOX.

Sandbox is one huge playground for big kids & kids at heart (no one below 4 feet is allowed to participate in the activities). Not for the faint of heart or those used to the sedentary lifestyle (think ME!), Sandbox features major kick ass physical activities.



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Seeing how we didn’t get to take the kids anywhere this summer because Kap was so busy with one of his most-delayed projects, I thought they deserved some adventure to make up for a boring summer.



Make sure to call ahead of time. Closed Mondays. Open Tue – Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm but go early of you want to use the Aerial Walk as they have a cut-off time limit.




When we got there not all activities were yet open to the public. Also, the website shows a different & prettier scene than what was actual.


The staff really didn’t want to admit us anymore because the Aerial Walk was already congested, but I begged & begged & flashed my 10,000 kilowatt smile until they finally relented. We traveled 2.5 hours I was not gonna let my big brood go back home with no happy memories at Sandbox! :P So thank you SO much lovely people of Sandbox for finally allowing the kids to go in. WE LOVE YOU! <3


The first thing that caught our eye was the Aerial Walk (P150). It is a tangled mess of ropes, wooden planks, cables, and zip lines that need skill, nerves of steel, and lots of dexterity to get across. Like I said, not for me. So I happily snapped away as the kids climbed in glee. Staff are stationed all throughout the maze to help you should you need it midway.





It was double the fun as we had the Buensalidas with us. <3


The kids had the most fun & adventure with the Aerial Walk, but make sure you have plenty of energy & stamina before attempting this activity as it really drains you.










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The water girls. You are not allowed to bring any food or water in, so don’t even waste your time or attempt. Water is sold at 25 pesos so it was relatively ok. You will need plenty of refreshments with the Aerial Walk which can last from 1 hour at least to 2, depending on your speed & stamina to keep going.


My babyson slipped because he wasn’t wearing proper shoes so the harness scraped his arm. I would advice that you wear rubber shoes, leggings & a shirt with sleeves to avoid scratches.


photo 1

It was nice to see that Medics & an ambulance were on hand in case of accidents.


The Giant Swing (P100) was unfortunately still closed off to the public when we were there. Said to be the first of its kind in the Philippines. It’s a swing suspended 10 meters above the ground & can accommodate up to three people at a time. You can choose to go by yourself, or with a friend. You are strapped into a harness, hoisted up, then released as you swing back and forth suspended mid-air. It was however, still closed when we were there.

Sandbox’s Adventure Tower is a 5-storey area for most of the activities in the park: the Avatar One Zipline (P150), Wall Climbing (P50), Free Falling (P100), and Rappelling (P50).



My babyson free-falling. Ako ang natakot! @_@


Avatar One claims to be the country’s first Rollercoaster Zipline because, unlike the traditional zipline that goes one straight line until you get to the end, this one has curves which results in dips during the 180-meter long ride.



PicMonkey Collage


And there’s the dip.. or one of them at least. Yay! Even Kap had fun!


Sandbox is all about the outdoor activities so don’t forget to put on some sunblock, take an umbrella (for rain or shine), and wear appropriate clothes & shoes. You can also rent an ATV (P2,500) or a UTV (P3,500) and explore the impressive Alviera property.



It was raining cats & dogs midway into our adventure so everything got delayed. The kids didn’t get to ride the ATV anymore as they were all packed up when they finished the other activities.


And although there is a restroom to clean yourself up a bit, there is no place to shower so make sure you bring plenty of baby wipes with you & change of clothes as you WILL sweat & stink under the glare of the sun. Since it rained heavily & all the kids were drenched, the kind staff allowed us to use their shower. Many thanks, we are truly grateful. <3


photo 2

While the kids were taking a much needed shower, look at what the oldies did to while the time away. Ginamit ang penny board ng mga bagets! :P


Where we had an awesome dinner, up next! :)

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