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We caught the late show of Captain America some weeks ago. Have you watched it? I liked the 1st installment better. May love life kasi. This 2nd installment I found a bit bow-ring & dragging. Although I must admit, he does look better than ever! Those pecs! Those abs! Those delts! #swoon <3





Anyway, we finished late & the only restaurant (bar) open was San Mig. We don’t normally go to San Mig because it’s not kid friendly. Heck, it’s not lung friendly. But it was that or go to bed hungry. So yeah, pollution & black lungs won over an empty stomach. :P




San Mig, though ancient, is always full. Day OR night. What sorcery is thisss?



When in Rome.. Frozen Margarita Pitcher 450 php. Seemed more sulit than the 195php/glass! :P



Here’s to summer! ;) It was only us & the boys that night. The girls had a party to attend. BTW, ate Marita is not my BLOOD ate hahaha so funny that you guys assumed she was from my CAVIAR post. But she is my HEART ate. I love her like my own. :)






Of course, since we had frozen margaritas. We also got the national pulutan.. Nacho Nachos 295 php



Caesar’s Salad 275 php



Herbed Pizza Margherita 300 php



BBQ Pizza 365 php



Chicken Fingers 305 php




Beef Kaldereta 340 php


Sizzling Sisig 260 php Halatang wala si Ate to take the food pics, lels. Hello over flash! :P




And just like that, the summer heat is on. Terrible. I can’t even breathe without breaking into a sweat! @_@ Some snow please?

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