Sambo Kojin

Yesterday was our 19th WEDDING anniversary. I know right? Confusing, with all my other anniversaries haha. The 15th is when we became BF/GF, so that’s what the 27th year celebration in Spiral was all about. The 19th is when we GOT HITCHED! ;) We don’t celebrate the 17th anymore.. nakakagulo lang. In case you’re wondering, the 17th naman is when we got engaged. All in the happy month of march. IKR!!! @_@

Umatake na naman ang pagka-cheapo ni Kap yest. He treated us to Sambo Kojin. Hayz. What can I say?! :P 500 is 500. Yun lang ang budget nya per person, LELs!

This photo belongs to SAMBO KOJIN.

Pero meron din ako niyan

Oh. Diba? ;))
Hindi lang kids, mama at papa. May lowlas pa!

Sambo Kojin opened in SM South Mall. Good thing we made a last-minute reservation. The place was packed. Kawawa naman the two senior citizens if they had to stand around & wait..

KKL ang drama.. Kanya kanyang lowla! ;))
The very big 300-seater SK resto.
Mah funny boi! <3
Hahaha.. copying the Sambo Kojin statue behind them.
The japanese kitchen god 3-headed diety with 2 pairs of hands.
Bearer of fire, protector of the hearth, watcher of the household, and keeper of the brotherhood.
They’re such doofs! And I love them to death! <3Β 
Sushi station.. uhm, not the freshest. Not the best. 500 php worth.
So if you have visitors from Japan, DO NOT BRING THEM HERE. ;)
And yet, ang dami kong kinuha. PLASTIC!!!
Katsu & Tempura stations. In fairness, okay siya! :)
Ohhh. Eh I said naman okay siya diba? :P
Kimchi, Dilis atbp. station..
My kimchi & dilis.
Raw meats station..Β 
Eeeewwwweeee.. Can someone cook this for me pleaseeee???
Si Cooking mama.. ;P
at si Cooking Papa-bol! ;))Β 
A million & one sauceses.
Which is for which bah??? @_@
Ang mag-balae. Bow.
My mommah & his mommah. <3
Dessert station.
With my Kap.
Happy Anniversary!! Love you, Babe (nuks, kaka-kilabot haha!) <3
Happy anniversary, my Kap. No words can express how much I love you! <3
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