Saboten et al.

I had the worst case of sniffles last week & since my poor Lovey is always beside me, she caught the virus too.

Because of our body clock, we both woke up early in time for school even though she was staying home. :P We were just staring at each other (and Jela -who was VERY gassy & kept farting!) the whole morning & I decided enough was enough. I asked her which mall she knew how to get to. BGC daw. I was hoping for Shangrila Mall coz I really REALLY wanted to try GREEN PASTURES, or at least GRACE PARK in Rockwell. But we didn’t know the way, baka kung saan pa kami pulutin ni Kap!

I wanted to go up & down the many number-named, confusing streets of BGC to look for a place we can have brunch, but my GPS was nervous, lels. She wanted to just stay in Serendra & park there to be safe. Anong klaseng adventure naman yan??? BOW-RING.

So we had brunch in SABOTEN instead. (Visit their facebook page HERE) At least it was someplace we hadn’t eaten in yet. Sayang naman ang budget kung paulit-ulit! ;)


G/F Serendra, McKinley Parkway

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

(02) 625-2000

Saboten is similar to YABU in concept. Actually I couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Everything was the same down to the shredded cabbage & dressing, they were passable as a branch of the other.

Our server was so cute! ;) She asked me if I wanted cabbages. To which I enthusiastically replied: I LOVE IT!! She then gave me this.. talk about making a mountain out of a molehill hahaha!!! ;))

And of course, I drowned it in Sesame dressing coz after all, cabbage isn’t magical.. it needs A LOT of help to taste good.

My Lovey’s Tenderloin (Large) Katsu 425 php which, might I add, she finished with gusto notwithstanding her illness! ;)

My very tasty Curry Tenderloin 410 php. I was VERY happy, sufficient to say. I <3 CURRY! ;) And the pork was very tender & fat free too! m/ That, by the way, is the difference between TENDER & TENDERLOIN. If you want your katsu with some fat, get the TENDER. But if like me, you want it fat-free, ask for the TENDERLOIN KATSU.

Strawberry Shortcake 195 php. This was ridunculously yummy! Loved it more than my chocolate hazelnut cake.

And as if those sinful desserts weren’t enough, we had to stop at COLDSTONE for the yummiest ice cream in the planet ever!!! <3 I mean, come on, how many times will we ever set foot again in Serendra??? ;)

Cold Stone Creamery

G/F Serendra, 11th AveFort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 846-0460

All those beautifully-colored ice cream called out to me! <3

But the CAKE BATTER flavor won my heart. If you haven’t yet? YOU MUST TRY IT!!! <3

My Lovey got the BIRTHDAY CAKE REMIX. <3 Nagpaparinig?? Malapit na ang birthday! ;)

Small cup 140 php

The dee-lightful Miss Jena! ;)

Walked around BGC a bit to settle the thousand-pound cabbage salad in our tummies.. and remember what I said about the perils of walking around??? GAHHHH!!! @_@ (Rawr Bag from Aldo, 2k)

Of course, we can never EVER go home without buying any pasalubong for the brood back home! <3 Swiped 2 dozen yummy cupcakes for family & friends.. masaya si SONJA! ;))

Cupcakes by Sonja

1C03 Serendra Piazza, 26th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 856-0308

Hindi ko naman masyadong inubos ang paninda! ;))

And whad’ya know?? Sonja made a cupcake in honor of Dessert Comes First, Lori Baltazar! It’s made out of speculoos peanut butter. Read about it HERE in her blog! :)

Hoarded cupcakes like there’s no tomorrow! :P

By the time we got home, some were already melted boohoo. But they were still delish! <3

Next week, my Lovey will be home for 7 straight days because her class has a retreat, while ate will be let out early all week long!! Hoot hoot saan kaya kami aabot? Oh wait, I forgot.. these are the 2 road nincompoops I’m talking about. DRAT! Will buy a digital GPS tomorrow! :P

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