Rustan’s S-A-L-E!

I always look forward to Rustan’s sale. When the store goes on sale, it REALLY goes on sale. As in up to 70% off items you won’t normally buy. That is if you’re really really lucky & spot ’em amongst the jungle of clothes & shoes strewn haphazardly on the racks. Of course, you have to go on the first day, otherwise, ubos agad.

First day of sale today.
Hurry, you still have until the end of the month!
My suking tindera texted me yesterday urging me to go early today so I can get sale items fresh off the stock room & inventory. As usual, the 2 older kids messed up my plans & had me chauffeur them to the gym at different intervals all day long before I was finally able to do my thing in the late afternoon.
Racks upon racks upon racks of clothes on sale.. where to begin???
Eh syempre pa sa suki kong tindahan! ;P
Gosh. Matrona na talaga ako hehe.
Happy with my purchases! <3
Madami na naman akong “pang-simba”! :P

And because I still had a few more Bistro Group freebie vouchers, I had the girls choose where they wanted to have an early dinner after being my bodyguards all afternoon & lugging around my packages. :)) Si ateng anorexic was okay wherever as long as 1.) There was salad. 2.) It wasn’t exotic. So Italianni’s it was.

Free appetizer voucher worth 400 php 
Our (semi) free appetizer. Salmon Carpaccio 550 php.
We had to add in excess of the 400 php.
Ok lang, the girls enjoyed it. <3
Sicilian Chicken Salad 670 php
Penne Arrabiato 595 php
We enjoyed a 20% discount on top of the (somewhat) free appetizer amounting to 372 php
Not bad. Not bad at all. :)
Hindi naman kami masyadong gutom noh? ;))

And because we were still hungry (yes we’re SUCH bottomless pits! :P), we headed on to starbucks for dessert & drinks.

My chocolate cake. <3
My Lovey indulged on Starbuck’s Secret Menu: Cotton Candy Frap! <3
If you’re looking for a drink for the kids and want a non caffeinated option, give the Cotton Candy Frappuccino a try!
It’s a vanilla bean frappuccino with a pump of raspberry syrup for a tall, 1.5 pumps for a grande or 2 pumps for a venti.
Simple and delicious, each sip tastes like a mouthful of cotton candy!

I love spending the day with my kids. But most especially the girls coz they love to look around & touch things -just like me. My boy? Gusto umuwi agad pagka-kain. Hay!

I wonder if I should go to Rustan’s makati. Baka mas madaming stock!!! Anyone wanna come with me? Tara let’s! ;)

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