Rustan’s Gift Registry

Whenever I receive an invitation, I always look for a notification of gift registry. Naturally, I want to gift the celebrant with something he/she would like & appreciate. Cast-off gifts, or worse, re-gifted gifts break my heart so I want to make sure that what I give will please the person who receives it.

With that in mind, I advised ate to register for gifts. I want her to value the gifts she will receive from her friends & have them as keepsakes of their friendship -not leave them unused. Sure, I can buy her the things she registered for, but they would mean a whole lot more coming from people she loved, given on a very special occasion.

This afternoon, I took her to Rustan’s. Ate has very expensive taste! @_@ (I wonder who she got that from? :P)

She is such a kikay girl now! She likes make-up, accessories, clothes, shoes, BAGS.. everything that would make her dear mother bankrupt! :P

Since benefit opened, she’s been raving about it. But I didn’t buy her anything from there yet because then, she wouldn’t have anything to look forward to anymore -or open, when her birthday comes. Plus, Christmas is just around the corner, so I’ve been stopping myself from buying them too much things.

She went ape$hit kanina when she browsed the super cute items from benefit. I had to restrain myself from buying her the things she touched with delight, or there would be nothing else left for the registry haha! :P

With the gift registry staff, getting ready to take notes! ;) 
First stop. Benefit. Of course.
Naaliw sya sobra with the packaging haha! ;))
Complexion Make-up Kit 1,600 php each
She went gaga over these.. They ARE cute.
She wanted ’em all! @_@ 
Then off to MAC.
I told her to just stick to one brand if she wants to collect all.
Good thing she listened to her momma. <3 
Then off to perfumes.
She only liked 2 scents.
Which is good.
Nakakahilo rin ang madami! :P
Viva La Juicy Couture perfume 6,500 php
Juicy Couture accessories. 
She fell in love with these 2.
Lovely to stack together, don’t you think?
3,650 each less 10% for voucher holders included in the invites.
3,285 php each.
Nice as a group gift from friends.
“Friendship bracelet”, get it? ;))
Tory Burch for more accessories.. 
5,250 each less 10% for voucher holders included in the invites.
Comes out to 4,725 php each. 
Yikes, nothing below 1k pala, ate! @_@
We have to go back & choose other affordable items as well.

I had so much fun window shopping with ate. Masarap din pala mag-shopping na walang binibili haha! ;P

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