Rotary Club Bazaar

Yesterday’s bazaar was quite uneventful. I guess it depends on the organizers, really. There are some organizers who have the zest & passion to make their events really interesting. You kinda have to, otherwise you’ll be swallowed whole with all the weekly bazaars now in Cuenca. This last one was pfffttt. :P No music, no energy, very few stalls.. really, pfffttt!!!

Christmas is really coming, you can feel it in the air.
Decors are sprouting everywhere! :)

Ceramics galore..
I wonder when Margo Felix will start selling her stationaries.
I like those better. They’re personalized. You can put your name & choose the “cartoon people”.
I’ll post as soon as I know her dates for the bazaar! :)
I can swear by Pest Away. We’ve been using them for 5+ years now,
and so far we have no pests (unfortunately, just the literal kind!) :P

On the left is the gel inside the sole on the right.
I wonder if it works?
I’m always having feet pains in spite of my fitflops, waaa!!!
I’m loving the necklace hooks! 150/pop.

On the bright side, the wrapping paper section is now available!!! m/
The ones in NBS are way too expensive!

Don’t worry. Next week, I know for a fact that we will have a great bazaar! Why??? Because of these ladies! ;)

So come & join the fun! ;)
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