Rose & Grace

There’s this outlet in Sta. Rosa Laguna that we have recently discovered! <3 We ran out of time the last we went, so I asked my babies to go with me again yesterday, as I still had some last-minute CHRISTmas shopping to do.

Just across Solenad 2 is Rose & Grace Restaurant (home of the famous batangas bulalo!). So we had lunch there first. Rose & Grace brings back fond memories of our stop-overs on the way to baguio when we were much much younger! ;P It’s an upscale turo-turo type of filipino restaurant, with home-cooked style meal (if you have a great cook, that is!)

Here are the food up for grabs. Sorry for the bad quality photos, there was a glass encasement so I could only take pictures from the other side hehe..

The turo-turo counter where you place your orders..

Never ever order when you are hungry, or in our case, didn’t have breakfast yet at almost noon! ;)) We were like people who just came out from a starvation diet & went on a feeding frenzy! We ordered almost EVERYTHING!!! @_@

Not to miss, their ever popular BULALO! ;)
Crispy Tadyang
Crispy Pata
Beef Steak
Extra rice for my babyson..
All those food for just us 4!!! @_@
We had plenty of take-home for Daddy to enjoy as well! ;)
Not to miss is the pasalubong table, where my kids got a bunch of snacks
which I’m sure they will just snub once we reach home!

After that heavy meal, we went straight to Solenad 2 to shop, but we were too FULL & lazy haha so we made a quick stopover at Nail-a-holics to nap to get our nails done! ;))

My poor babyson had to endure our kikay moments hahaha!
Thanks for being such a trooper! :-*

Busy choosing her colors! ;)
So serene & tranquil.. made us want to nap! zzzzz…….
Our expensive maniped+footscrub/massage for me! (1,7k!!!)
Could have gotten it for free at brother’s salon.
This is what happens when you eat a lot, with no place to nap after, haha!
You tend to OVERSPEND!!! @_@
I really really wanted this sana, but the didn’t do nail art in the solenad branch! :(

Finally, we were energized for the last-minute christmas shopping…

It’s really worth a trip here, ha!
The prices are really like 70% off! Shoes AND accessories!
Sale every corner you go. What a delight!!! ;)
Here too!

Of course they found something for themselves too! ;P
There’s a place where mostly Zara items were sold at more than 50% off.
That’s where they went crazy!
Spotted these cuties!
A fish wallet. 1.5k!
and fries! Soooo cute!!!
Ate couldn’t resist this potato chips pouch. 350php.

Everything else was a blur after the 1st few stores! Camera tucked away & forgotten. Shopping, after all, is serious business! Do go when you find the time, I promise you it’s so worth it! ;)

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