The other night, my daughter & her “breast friends” were supposed to have another one of their regular, expensive, habit-forming heart-to-heart bonding over dinner. :)) Since they were trying out a new restaurant, the whole family crashed their clubbin’ haha sorry about that girls! Won’t happen again! (righhhhtttt….) ;P

So! They (we) went to Robot in Makati. The place was fantastic, all mirrors, glam & shizzzzzzzz! :))

Ate with the lil’ ones! ;P
See? Can you blame a mom for wanting to come here too? ;))) Sooooooooo PRETTYYYYY!!!
A ceiling of LIGHTBULBS!! :) Kewl!!!
The washroom was floor to ceiling MIRROR grabe!!! <3 And those twirly thingamajigs are faucets!!!
The “breast friends” with the executive chef
The tag-along siblings…
and the tag-along Moms hehehe! :P
Some of our food..SOME!! ;))

Some ham actor was there for a magic show shoot.. don’t know his name (don’t care hehe!)
My cam whores hahaha!! ;P

Price range is 300 up for drinks, 500 up for food. Great for chillin’. Most definitely worth a visit! :)

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