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Road Trip to Bataan

Normally, I loathe traveling long distance. Sumasakit ang bumbunan at likod ko kakaupo ng baluktot the entire span of the journey. And I get leg cramps. Plus I take a million wee wee breaks & I hate going to dirty public restrooms which is unavoidable when you can’t hold your bladder for more than 2 hours. But the kids, they long for adventure. Understandably so as they are always cooped up in their classrooms or at home studying.

So for this past long weekend which coincided more or less with my mom’s 84th birthday, we decided to do something different. We decided to go to Bataan. From the south, it takes 4 hours to get there by car. Dread, dread, dread. But the kids were excited so I put on a brave front & off we went a couple of weeks ago.

Halfway through our travel, we stopped for lunch at Binulo Restaurant which specializes in Capampangan cuisine and grilled U.S. Steaks..

Binulo Restaurant

N6410 Bldg., MA Roxas Highway, Angeles City, Pampanga (045) 499-2238

Binulo means to cook in fresh bamboo stalks called bulo.


There was ample parking and the resto was pretty big & spacious, though packed. Which gave a good indication that it served good food.



Of course, when in Binulo..



Super winner ang Paco Salad 105 php. I would order this again & again in a heartbeat. The sweet dressing & tangy tomatoes made the perfect pair for the salted egg. I loved the crunch factor of the fern! <3 Another winner is the Pititian with Atsara 185 php. I didn’t know pork rind & atsara were the perfect combo! Kalderetang Kambing 235 php, Pangat na Ulang 250 php – a binulo soup dish with prawns. And Pork Bulanglang 190 php – similar to sinigang na sabaw but uses guava leaves instead of the usual tamarind. DELICIOUS! <3



Bangus spring rolls 150 php. A different take on fried lumpia.



Adobong Pusit 320 php.



Kalderetang Kambing 310 php. Goat meat stewed in spicy tomato sauce.



Kare-Kare 465 php. U.S. oxtail stewed in rich peanut sauce.



Binukadkad na Hito 185 php. Deep fried catfish served with buro & mustard leaves which you use to wrap the fish meat in.



Piniritong Adobong Pugo 135 php/2 pcs. Quail cooked adobo style, and fried to a crisp finish. A bit malnourished & dry. Too bad.



And because we like taking chances, we ordered the Binulong Nasi 105 php instead of the usual plain rice. It’s consistency is like that of a suman. For masarsang ulam though like the ones we had, I would have to suggest the regular rice version. Mas lasap ang linamnam ng ulam. ;)



Ooops! Sorry honey nakapikit ka pala, lol. Napapikit sa sarap! ;)) And I’m so proud of my baby girl. She knows how to take care of her things. Hindi nya talaga nilapag yung magic backpack nya the whole time! ;)) Good girl bebe ko.



3 orders of Turon Saging 110 php/order. Fried banana in lumpia wrapper with macapuno, ube, and langka topped with yummy ube ice cream for our sweet ending.

Because we were so full, we decided to walk it off at Puregold Dutyfree Shopping in Clark. And also to buy chips & chocolates that we can munch on during our 3-day leisurely stay at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Heritage Resort.


My brother forgot to pack his jeans so he asked me to buy him a pair. Got a good deal for this RL Polo denim pants on sale from 5k down to 2k. Woot!


PicMonkey Collage4

And as I was walking along with my girls looking at junk food after junk food, I noticed a pretty lady na umaaligid & looking me over. She seemed unsure & hesitant kung mag-smile ba sa akin or not. (I look scayree baa?) Then she glanced at the girls & finally broke off into a big smile. She said to her companion “oo nga sya si Sugar & Spice.” Lol! Mas kilala pa pala ang mga dalaga ko sa akin. Sila ang na-recognize, hindi ako, hahaha! Actually, IAH (with glasses) said she spotted my Babyson earlier so she figured I was there somewhere. How funny that we are from the south but bumped into each other in the north! :P After a while, someone who resembled her also gave me a big warm smile & I figured it was Iah’s sister. Turns out twins pala sila! Say hello to MIAH. <3


PicMonkey Collage12

Thank you so much lovely ladies Miah & Iah Ilag for making my day! You have made me so very happy. :-*


Syempre pa, ibuking at i-chismis ko talaga sa inyo si jeje Kap hehe. Ayan, nag-a-ALDUB hanggang Las Casas Filipinas, anubah. Walang patawad! @_@ To quote Lea Salonga: Wag sanang kababawan lang ang i-aspire (TROLOLOL!) Oist ALDUB fans, wag nyo akong awayin. Joke joke joke lang! :P



This photo belongs to FASHION PULIS. O heto Lea, here’s a pabebe wave I’m sending over to you! ;)) #aspirations

On our way back, we also had a midway break but decided enough with Filipino dishes. Break muna pansamantala. So we grabbed a quick Cuban lunch. Now if you’ve watched CHEF (CLICK HERE to watch the trailer), then you’ll know what a Cuban Sandwich is! It is LOVE, most definitely!

El Pedro Cubanos

Plaridel Street, Nepo Quad, Angeles City, Pampanga.


Qbano with Pork 175 php (195 with fries). Double cheese, double ham, roast pork, pickles & mustard in bread, all pressed together in a panini.





Me, my uber bulging tummy, and Cuban chef & owner PEDRO CARBAJAL. Oh yes, authentic cuban meal for the GOppets inspired by our favorite foodie movie! ;)



Yucca Frita 40 php. Cassava fries with salsa. Extremely delicious & tasty!



Tamal Qbano 60 php. Boiled corn mill with pork, herbs and spices with salsa.



Arroz ala Qbana 135 php. Black rice topped with fried egg, ground beef, and fried plantain.




Arroz con Lechon 125 php. Black beans & rice with slices of roast pork & fried plantain.


Click HERE: 20 surprising things about living in Cuba

During the 3 day vacay, my Babyson was deeply engrossed in studying. To his profs, maawa naman po kayo huhu. Mahaba nga ang bakasyon, tinadtad nyo naman ng trabaho. Quits lang. If only I could do some of his work for him, kaso baka ma-zero hehe.


Always studying. What did I dooo to you & Ate? Kawawa ka naman anak. Ang hirap mag-text! :P

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