Ritchie’s Diner

As you grow older, your body changes. What you can do easily before gets you huffing & puffing more as you age. That’s the reality that we all have to face.. and accept.

Before, my Kap would alternately play basketball & tennis. Sometimes both sport on the same day! @_@ I remember clearly a season when he would play basketball every night, leaving me to cope on my own with a non-stop crying baby (yes, it is thee I am pertaining to, ate!) I would drive around the village to lull her to sleep in my left arm at 10kms/hour so I don’t get frustrated with my husband gallavating off while I’m left to yaya away! :P

Anyway, going back to my point!! :)) I have recently been reminded, again, that we shouldn’t abuse our bodies nor push them to the limits. There is no shame in not finishing what we set out to do when our body tells us to stop, or take it slow at least.

We (my honey & I) have come to THAT age where our peers leave the good earth left & right (yikes to mortality!). Some from aneurism, some from the big C, and some from heart attacks. Perfectly healthy 40-ish people whom you think will live forever & ever but in a blink of an eye goes, leaving everyone dumbfounded as to what happened.

Just the other day, my hunny told me another one of his old (read: long-time) basketball bud who graduated on to triathlons suffered an aneurism around 4kms to the finish line as he was running. Just like that, leaving his very young family behind.

Last night, we went to the wake. Everyone was still in shock. When you go out the door you bid farewell to your loved ones thinking you’d see them again come night time. You never think that would be the very last time you’d kiss them.. hug them.. see their smiling, loving faces.

If there’s another thing I learned from this, it’s to always say goodbye as if it were your last. Shower your dear ones with love & affection every time you can. Give them sloppy kisses & bear hugs before you go out that door. Leave them loving words. Life can be taken away just like that. One snap & that’s it.

As is the filipino custom after you leave a wake, you need to make “pagpag”. We don’t really believe this tradition but hey, I’ll take anything Kap can give me close to a date! :P

We saw a cute diner that was still open 30 minutes before midnight. I think most restos in BF stays up late. This one stays open ’til midnight on weekdays, until 2AM on weekends.

It’s a cute little yellow & gray diner that beckons you to come in.. maaliwalas. Of course, Brad Pitt smiling also helps entice customers in! :P

Brad, Angelina, Morgan, Johnny & Liam says “Hi!” ;P

We were still too full from the dinner at home we just had & simply wanted a milkshake or coffee. But the blogger in me couldn’t let it pass without ordering something else to share with you. :)

Sloppy Joe 175 php
Bread, sloppy joe mix without the hotdog, fried egg. Very oily fries.
Strawberry Milkshake 118 php
Blueberry Cheesecake 115 php

The prices on the menu are very affordable. All the burgers were under 200 php. So don’t expect 1-inch thick meat in between your bread! Go to Friday’s for that. :P Simply put, it’s a cute place to chill with friends over fries & milkshake.

To be honest, the food -even the milkshake which was lacking that strawberry oomph, was so-so. Not great, but not bad either. I would recommend it for the place & feel. Not the food. And the blueberry cheesecake? Kap kept insisting it was from Red Ribbon haha. I don’t know what to make of that comment. Meaning good? Meaning what?

Facing our own mortality, we were extra sweet that night. Extra attentive to each other. HHWE (Holding Hands While Eating) with tender caresses in between. Akala siguro nung kalbong waiter namin mag Bf/Gf pa lang kamiΒ lels. Each of us thinking “what if”. Man, I would never take anything for granted ever again.

Huuuyyyy… nag-share kami ng food ha!
Sa harap ko lang nilapag ang plato!!! :P

So. Have you said “I love you” to that special someone today? <3

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