Resorts World

Just came back from dinner at Resorts World. I must say, I’m getting good at driving long distances, thanks to my “GPS”! Chowed at Johnny Chow! ;) Initially, we wanted to eat at Opus. But the 2 younger kids didn’t want anything on the menu hehe.. so we left. But we went back again for dessert para hindi naman jahe! Baka the waiters will think hindi ko afford noh, AWARD!!! :P

Alien-sounding to the 2 younger kids.
Wala pang rice, hahaha! Promdi kami baga! :P
So we ended up eating here.
No regrets, food was great! May rice pa, hahaha! :P
I <3 these chairs. Soooo cute!!!
I also love the cheerful ambience.. and wild hair of the servers! :))
As opposed to the formal, tres chic ambiance of Opus. Pang-date lang talaga!

Tropic Thunder Hanoi 278.00
Yummy! Tastes like CPK’s singaporean roll! <3
Giant Buddha 295.00
Tuna bits on crunchy wonton. Yummy also! :)
Lantau Island Tuna 275.00
Seared tuna on salad. Delish!! <3
Pu Yi Honey BBQ pork 295.00
Hmmmnnnn.. so-so!
Wuhan Sweet & Sour Chicken 310.00
crunchi-licious! :)
Mr. Chang Wagyu 585.00
With the wigged servers.. cute! :)

Their dessert list sounded yummy, but ate wanted me to try the truffle butter in Opus. Kaya Go! Bread & dessert naman kami!

We hesitated at first coz we weren’t dressed “right”.
But then, we saw some also casually dressed like us.
So… go! go! go! :P

The truffle butter ate wanted me to try.

Ate’s White chocolate Cheesecake 320.00
My babyson’s Strawberry Pavlova 280.00
Lovey’s Banana Tart Tatin 220.00
and my Chocolate Fondant 280.00

Oh, and look at the stairway, isn’t it just cute? RW is promoting The Sound of Music show.

And ate finally found Urban Ears earphones.
Yay!!! m/
I’m just so glad it’s not Beats!!!! $$$

Eating out is really one of our addiction! :P Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Good night! :-*

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