Resorts World / Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, everyone! :) It’s a national holiday, so of course the brood itched to go out! ;P

Malls are crawling with people on holidays, so I wanted sana just a quiet lunch in Tagaytay. But the kids opted somewhere near, so we went to Resorts World instead. I’ve been wanting to see Game Zoo’s new 4D & 6D attractions anyway.

The King & I musical promo
The ellie is so cute & life-like! <3

Got there too early. Everything opened at 12 noon! Good thing the barbershop was open an hour early so we took advantage of it & my babyson got a haircut.

Jay with the yellow hair was our barber ;) 

The Bruno’s barbershop in RW was really nice & modern.
300 for a hair cut (with shampoo, 200 without)
My babyson got RAZOR STYLED! ;P

Went around some more since it was STILL too early for anything! @_@
Soy Chicken & Ketchup flavors!!! 
The kids got excited with the new popcorn flavors.
We would have watched Prometheus, except of course Daddy also wanted to watch it so we had to wait.
Sigh. All those wasted popcorn! ;P

Then we shmucks tried to figure how how to work the ATM haha. We were all so clueless, except ate needed to learn since her school is so far away from home & she might need some emergency stash some day!
Did you know that you have to be 18 before you can be issued an ATM card?
Good thing tito Al helped her out!
Finally, it was time for lunch. I think we’ve tried all the restaurants in RW, except for the new chinese place which we’re reserving for father’s day. So we had lunch at Cafe Republiq.

The “twins” are really close <3
My babyson’s U.S. Beef Pot Roast 390 php
My Beef Riblets 390 php
Ate’s Glazed Salmon 380 php
and trufle oil mashed potato 95 php
Lavinia’s Grilled Porkchop 320 php

The food was ok lang, nothing to rave about. I think people come here more for drinks than anything else?

Their decor was nice though.
Sort of Beverly Hills Glitz & Glamour.

 Then we checked out Game Zoo. Faye told me about this a while back & she took the girls here one afternoon. My Lavinia has been raving about it since to her older siblings.

Game Zoo is like time zone except they have more advanced games & indoor simulation rides
Too bad I couldn’t take any pictures inside. Boo! :((
I was able to sneak in a few shots with my phone camera,
until my kids started giving me grief about it, haha! :P
This is the 4D simulation ride.
I wasn’t able to take a picture of the 6D ride upstairs (150 php) as I was heavily guarded! ;P
Ok, after googling, this is the 6D simulation ride.
Click HERE to read this photo owner’s complete blog on Game Zoo! :) 
And because we LOVE to eat, here we are again eating crepes & drinking coffee after a brief stint at Game Zoo. Teehee! :P

The 2 kids have a thing for crepes! <3
At Coffee Bean.
My decaf americano 110 php, Chocolate Fudge Cake 115 pho 
Chocolatey goodness! <3
Caramel 155 php, Pure Vanilla 135 php, mango juice 115 php 
RW Independence Day decor.

And an outing is never complete without window shopping. Except this time it’s not just the “window” kind. Ate found a clutch which of course she just had to have.. ;)

Alexander McQueen-ish clutch bag.
The handle is a series of ring. that you wear holding the cluth.
Okay, I admit it is unique. 2k worth! :P

I thoroughly enjoyed this whole day with you, my darlings! One day, when I am a senator, I will pass a bill that school will be abolished hahaha (or at least every other day man lang!). But until then, we will just have to make do with our little rendezvous! <3

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