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Rekados Cafe and Restaurante

Kap & I love discovering new places. Which is why more often than not, we get into trouble because of some misses. But once in a while, we get some hits too. And that’s what makes our adventures so fun & interesting. <3

Kap likes long drives, as long as it’s not traffic. So in one of our date nights, we went for a drive to Tagaytay.


Our hues matched with the greens. We didn’t talk about coordinating our outfits but I guess if you have been together for as long as we have, you send off brainwaves na. And how perfect is this arch? I love arches. We have one on our entryway at home too but this is higher & wider. Great for prenup photos don’t you think? One last point. When on a date with your hubby, no matter how long you may have been together, it’s still nice to make an effort to look good. Huwag magsuot ng basahan please! ;)

We’ve always passed this resto & actually made a stop-over or 2 to buy pasalubong na before but we never got the chance to eat the the restaurant. So when Kathy Kenny Ngo invited Kap & I for a date night at Rekados Cafe and Restaurante last week, I gave her my heartfelt yes. I smelled romance in the air. And I’m a sucker for that as you well know. ;)


With Daniel Custodio, owned of Rekados Cafe and Restaurante, and Kathy. Thank you for the invite for a night out with my Honey pie. <3



And thank you so much for my bear Kathy! <3 You are absolutely the sweetest for gifting me with a furry friend. I absolutely love him (whom I have named Rekados, of course!) ;)

Rekados Cafe and Restaurante

Sta. Rosa Tagaytay Road, Silang, Cavite (0917) 545-5421



To the left (with the yellow lights) is the air-conditioned restaurant. To the right is the al fresco restaurant extension. As you can see, there is ample parking space for everyone who comes for a pit stop.



The Custodios own all three businesses. It’s really a one stop shop. :)



Beside the restaurant on the left is this picturesque native GATAS STATION. A legit bahay kubo where you can buy fresh cows milk, carabao’s milk, or goat’s milk. And yogurt drinks too! \m/



If you opt to dine al fresco (fresh air), there is one available too. Perfect for night time.



But I still prefer the indoors. This is good for big parties though where you can enjoy loud boisterous laughter with friends, with nary a care in the world.

If you’re coming home from Punta Fuego in Batangas, just after the peak of Tagaytay going down along Santa Rosa Highway, this is a great pit stop to recharge or just stretch your legs a bit before hurdling the next 70 or so kilometers home.

I for one, can vouch for the yummy & native delicacies sure to be a hot as pasalubong from Rekados Cafe and Restaurant‘s very own pasalubong center, BALAI PASALUBONG & GATAS CENTER.


So many pasalubong to choose from. Many I haven’t actually seen in Manila. Or ever. :P



We got some Buko Pie & tarts to take home to the kids. They also have blueberry & strawberry tarts if you want a variety.




What’s special about this Buko Pie (like no other) is the YEMA filling amidst the coconut meat. Yuuuuum! <3 150 php/box.


My kids love milk & yogurt, so I was very happy to buy some as well to take home pangdagdag-suhol. :P They hate it when Kap & I sneak off, leaving them behind. So I got a nice selection of peace offering for them to smooth things over. ;) Once in a while, it’s good for a couple to have alone time with each other & just focus on one another. The kids understand, but still, they’re not happy haha. The pasalubong we bought acted as an olive branch until our next one-on-one date.


Bili na po kayoooooooo…



Fresh Milk Available: Goat’s milk 150 php, Carabao milk 140 php, and Cow’s milk 95 php per 1 litter. We got one of each for the kids to “taste-test”. Blind-folded. We like to be silly & play games. ;)



Flavored yogurt drinks also available in Pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Oh yes, isang lingo laming mag-aamoy gatas! ;))

I’m in love with the probinsya feel of Rekados Cafe and Restaurante. Greens & wood all around, plus the crisp, cool Tagaytay air makes for a romantic night.

Recados Cafe and Restaurante serves Spanish & Filipino food but I suggest you concentrate on the spanish cuisine for a change. We always cook Filipino food at home so when we do go out form time to time, we must be open to try new & different things, right? :)



I love the indoor as much as I love the outdoor decor. Textures & colors add a lot to the ambience. And the interesting mounted decors on the wall add a bit of whimsy & character. You can tell the owners are interesting people. :)




Look at the foot of our table! From the sewing machine. The pedals actually move so I was kinda “sewing” while eating. Great exercise, trololoz! ;))



Cream of Spinach Soup 115 php.



Onion Soup



Gambas Al Ajillo 245 php.



Callos 285 php.




Grilled Salmon 285 php. 




Paella Valenciana 475 php. Their bestseller & banner carrier so of course we had to give it a try. ;)



BBQ Chicken Pizza.




Churros in Spanish Tablea.



Cafe Mocha.



Thank you Honey for our date nights & many adventures. I love our time with the kids, but I also love our you-and-me time where we can just stare in each other’s eyes & imagine what the future may bring.

I want a guy who can wrestle with me & let me win. Who I can talk to just about anything. Who puts my cold hands in his warm jacket pockets, and who lets me use his shirt for a pillow. A man who says “I LOVE YOU” and means it, and who will kiss me in the sunshine as well as in the rain. Who calls me unexpectedly, and who knows I always say things when I’m angry but don’t really mean them. A man who is simply mine to hold. -author unknown

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