Red Velvet love

It all started with this…

Red velvet cake which my friend Sharon posted on facebook some time ago.
My curiosity was piqued! <3
I started dreaming of red velvet cake!!!
Unfortunately, contis only has the BLACK velvet variety. </3
then this…

the other day, Sharon again posted this!!!
That was too too much!!! :P
I couldn’t contain myself, so I asked for a taste test haha.
Yes, that’s how kapal I am! ;))
Hey, friends are people you can use & abuse right? :P
Which led to this..

Sharon, gracious lady that she is, invited me to her lovely, lovely house.
To have a slice. <3
And of course, the natural usisera that I am,
I asked for the grand tour, haha! :P
Which she didn’t mind.
I did say she is a gracious lady right? :)
This is my gracious friend Sharon. Mother of 2, baker, home maker.
She just started a blog.
A blog about her joys of motherhood.. AND BAKING!!!
Her latest is how to make meringues.
She promised me a step-by-step guide next time…
Doofus that I am, hahaha! :P

By the way, the red velvet cake was TRULY magnificent!!! <3 I savored every bite. The kiwi & strawberries were so fresh & tangy. The cream cheese frosting just the right amount of buttery gooey goodness. The cake so moist & yummy. I bet you’re probably drooling now, right? ;))

And look at what caught my attention inside her lovely home!!!

Their saltwater aquarium!!! m/
My hunny has always, always, wanted to have one.
But he thought it would be too high maintenance.
He wants a baby shark! @_@
and an ELEVATOR which of course I HAD TO  try!!! ;))

open.. ;))

Sharon just finished a course in cake decorating with Peachy Juban. But from what I can tell, she is a NATURAL! How I wish she would start taking orders soon. But she only bakes for the ones she loves. I most definitely gotta get into her good graces!!! ;))

Thank you Sharon, for sharing a slice of your yummy red Velvet cake.
And letting me run amuck inside your lovely home! :-*

PS – Look at what other wonders I found 2 doors away from Sharon’s home!!! Zombie Apocalypse!!! @_@

The owners of GUESS phils were busy prepping up their front yard for the
Trick or Treat season!
Yesss.. naka-GUESS outfit pa ang mga zombies! ;))

And you know me, right? I just gotta be in the action, hahaha! :P

Me.. poking the insides of the zombie!
Actually, I just wanted to know what her sweater size was.
Pwedeng balikan, hehehe! :P

Trisha!!! You’re missing out on some serious action here!!! ;)) What about taking Matteo around before your trip? That way, he can still see some awesome decorations haha!

Trick or Treat, everyone!!! m/

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