Recovery Food

Because it was still the halloween season, the kids were able to weave a magic spell on their dad last All Saints Day & he agreed to have a midnight snack in RECOVERY FOOD at BGC after the movies. I almost fell off my chair when Kap said “yes”. Sure, it took some heavy persuasion because he agreed to someplace near -not far. But after going around & around and seeing a ghost town, he relented to venture out farther than the usual. He only had 1 condition. DAPAT MURA! ;)) Kap strikes again haha. So ate went gaga googling on where to eat that spelled C-H-E-A-P.

She hit the jackpot with RECOVERY FOOD! m/ Not exactly cheap-cheap, but considerably modest-priced compared to the rest.

Recovery Food

Bonifacio Global City

G/F Crossroads32nd St cor 8th AveFort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 511-7312

Happy Beef, Tapa de Morning, ‘pak-sig’–comfort food for recovering souls

The menu offers fare that you turn to when you’re feeling low, like that warm soup you sip slowly at 2 a.m. when you have the sniffles


2:00 am | Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Fast food gets a makeover at the newly opened comfort-food restaurant named Recovery Food at The Fort. If you’re looking to grab a quick, hearty meal without subjecting your palate to the same old fast-food fare that dots the city, Recovery Food might just be the fix you’ll need.

Owned and operated by the same family that runs Mamou and Mamou Too, the home kitchen steakhouse known for its excellent food and service, Recovery Food offers a menu the owners grew up with and still serve in their homes.

Among athletes or active people, recovery food means the meal you take after a good 10K run or after a grueling workout session. Whether they’re consumed to repair tissues or as a meal, recovery food is always the food you look forward to devouring. That’s mostly because you eat it at a time when you’re seriously, unabashedly hungry.


Recovery food is really small, with a 5-booth seating capacity. Although they do have bar-type seats.

Babyson’s My Mami Mini Mamou’s Mami! 175.00

Lovey’s Tapa de Morning. Home made tapa, scrambled or fried egg, ensalada, organic plain rice (red or white). Additional Php35.00 for Talangka Rice (red or white). 179.00

My Happy Chicken Arroz Caldo 175.00

Kap’s Happy Beef Rice. Tender beef rice topping with their special beef rice (red or white) 160.00

Ate’s Happy Chicken Rice. Tender chicken rice topping with their special chicken rice (red or white) 155.00

Happy food equals happy people! <3

Cheap food equals happy Kap! ;))

I love how ate & my baby are getting super close. <3 Lovey is at an age where her sister is her idol & inspiration. And ate is so loving this fan-mode moment! ;))

My 2 honeybears! <3 Si babyson.. TULOG! :P

My next posts will be about ate’s birthday celebrations. Please watch out for that. 19! Gaaazz I’m OLD!

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