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Recovery Food Revisited

It’s been a while since the Super Friends got together. Most of the SF kids are in college now or will be next year -half of those in college are in pre-med courses (busy buzzing bees), the other half with tri-sem schedules (hectic, hurried & harried). Also, 2 have graduated & are actually employed (weary & worn-out from working). So getting together is extra, extra hard even though we live just a hop, a skip, and a jump away from each other.

We try & make it a point to have mini reunions whenever we can. We are after all, more like family than friends. One of the things that tie us together is food. So after watching movies whenever we can, we go to the nearest, cheapest joint we can find & stuff ourselves silly over news & updates.


And when I say we eat. we EAT. Copyright: The Simpsons

One other criteria, aside from there resto being cheap & near, is its ability to accommodate us all. And Recovery Food although not really my ideal choice of food establishment, certainly addresses all those requirements.

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Recovery Food

Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa City +63 9178682667 ; 02 8873844

I’m gonna have 2 college kids on my hands soon. The busier our schedule will get. Plus my baby girl has become a hard core social butterfly now, hardly ever home. What is a mom to do! @_@


Recovery Food just recently opened its 2nd (?) branch in Molito Complex. 24 hours open to serve your needs.






Menu prices = Kap approved. And lemme tell you, there are 4 KAPITAN K’s in the SF group.


Oriental Salad 285 (full)/145 (half). Photo is HALF. Mixed greens, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, green mango, turnip, pineapple, peanut dressing


S.S.T. 180 php. Spicy Sweet Tuyo. Scrambled or fried egg, organic garlic rice (brown or white). Additional Php 35.00 for Talangka Rice (brown or white).


Happy Beef Rice 160 php. Tender beef rice topping with special beef rice (brown or white).


Happy Pork Rice 155 php. Cubed pork rice topping with special pork rice (brown or white).


Hey Jude’s Paksig 165 php. Sarangani bangus belly cooked in a native vinegar broth, organic rice (brown or white).



And because I don’t eat rice, my sweet & thoughtful girls went to the nearby DRAFT GASTROPUB to buy me a bunless burger. NOMS. <3


The kids are happy whenever they can sneak in moments together. Sometimes, all 4 families make it. But most of the time, we make do with who can.


And when the kids are happy. The oldies are happy. ;) Especially if the bill doesn’t break the bank.

Any & all plans of reuniting this Christmas has been scrapped as 2 of the 4 families will be out of the country until next year. One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be one blue Christmas without you guys! </3

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