Ramen X

My hunny & I were invited to a debut. I know right.. US -so ancient? ;P It’s my hunny bunny’s tennis bud’s daughter who’s turning 18 this sat. Her theme is “Harry Potter”, so I had a black gown made, sorta looks like a toga that professor Snapes wears hehe.

Ever since we discovered PLUMA, we’ve been hooked. Ann is so nice & accommodating, and she makes the best dresses too! m/

The very pretty, very hip Ann Chavez, owner/designer of Pluma.
You HAVE GOT to try her.
You won’t regret it, promise!
I’ve been namumulubi ever since ate got hooked on her haha! ;P

While I was fitting, we parked the 2 younger kids in the nearby Ramen-X so I can still keep an eye on them & not worry too much. I knew they would get bored waiting for ate & me play dress-up.

Here’s what we ate. The food was surprisingly affordable, we didn’t even reach 1k, to my delight! m/

A couple of doors down from Pluma
Garden level wing.
Fast-food type seating & service
My silly LOVES! <3 <3 <3 
Ate & I love anything & everything spicy, so we both ordered this..
Chukuwa Ramen (spicy) 150 php/bowl 
My babyon’s X-Ramen 189 php
Ebi Tempura 99 php
and Fried Rice 60 php
and Fried Gyoza 60 php
My Lovey’s Oyakudon (chicken topping)
99 php

Had to rush back home since they all had TONS of homework, my poor kids! :(  Can’t wait for the weekend. Goodnight people of the world! :-*

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