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Ramen Nagi

It’s not often that my octogenarian mom joins us in our field trips. She’s still very active mind you, you’d be amazed that she can out-walk me any time. But my mom is a homebody & prefers the solitude of her comfort zone with the telly as her companion. Either that, or she’s afraid to go out with us because her wallet gets abused every single time & so she makes up an excuse whenever we ask her out! ;))

Two mondays ago, she asked me to visit her in her office because we were meeting somebody supposedly at 10 in the morning. 12 noon came & went, still no sign or even a ghost of a shadow of the expected visitor.

She must have felt bad when she heard my tummy grumbling because when I told her I was finally leaving to take my 2 girls for a ramen lunch, she signified an interest in coming along & announced that she will treat us out. I quickly whisked her away before she changed her mind. ;P

The girls, who didn’t have school for 2 whole days (YAY!), wanted to try RAMEN NAGI, and I felt that by this time, the hoopla has probably died down a bit & it was finally okay for us to go without having to wait an hour or more to be seated. Besides, it was a monday (like who eats out on a monday right???), and I had a senior citizen with me. Surely they wouldn’t let her wait. Yes, I’m so evil I was willing to use my own mom as guarantee, lels.

So, with my mom’s driver for the day (another YAY!), we went to SM Aura..

Ramen Nagi

5/F SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway

McKinley Hill, Taguig

I was wrong. The hoopla hasn’t died down. Ramen Nagi was still VERY VERY full! @_@
But we were lucky that 4 spots opened up so they let us in quickly.

There were only 4 ramen choices. And nothing else. But people still flocked Ramen Nagi like there was no tomorrow.

The scene at 12:30 PM. Hungry crowd.
Shared the long table with these ladies who looked none too happy to have to share a table with us..
Tabi-tabi, pasensya na po! :P
Ramen Nagi exercises a table-sharing policy.

We got right down to business & ordered our ramen. We asked for all 4 variety so I can violate my tablemates’ bowls & try each one. ;))

I was amazed that the service was pretty quick & the servers were very attentive.

Condiments for your ramen..

bean sprouts and


which you crush..

and turn into this! ;)

Thank you, kind tablemates, for letting me try your ramen.. repeatedly! ;P

In my excitement, I forgot to take a photo of the runny yolk. Just take my word for it. This tamago (50 php)  was runny. :)
Incidentally, a can of soda costs 70 php each.

This photo belongs to Ramen Nagi.

Ate & I were discussing in the car on the way to Aura who gets which Ramen. We both wanted the Red King. A game of rock, paper, scissors proclaimed her the winner worthy of a Red King. Boo! :(


So I settled for a Black King: #3 spicy, light broth, hard noodles (410 php). And can I just say? IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! <3

But just to be sure, I stole some slurps from each of their bowls..

Red King: : #3 spicy, light broth, hard noodles (410 php) with a blend of garlic, chili oil and cayenne pepper. 2nd favorite.

Ate was crying.. of spiciness happiness! :P

Butao: #0 spicy, light broth, hard noodles (390 php) with milky pork bone broth. Last on my list.

Love in every slurp!

Green King: #0 spicy, light broth, hard noodles (410 php) with fresh basil, olive oil and parmesan cheese. 3rd favorite.


And then I saw the japanese chef.
Suddenly I missed my japanese-looking boys very much.
So I asked him for a photo op.
Para kunwari my boys are also there. Kahit wala! :P

I wanted to bring them home some Ramen goodness. Na-guilty bigla si mommy.
But the sign says NO TAKE OUT. Boo hoo hoo! Sorry.

On our way out, there was still a long line. My gulay!
But now I know why.
I’d endure standing in line for an hour just to get my hands on another Black King.
Except for the table-sharing part. I am now officially a RAMEN NAGI fan. FML.

Up next.. how we did damage to my mom’s credit card, teehee! I bet she won’t be going out with us again anytime soon. :P

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