Rainy Days & Tuesdays

‘Twas a rainy Tuesday today. Classes were suspended due to typhoon Juaning, which means I get to spend the day with my babies, yay!!! :)

930am I got a call from Bambi (thank you bambi! :-*), 9:31am I was out the door in my nightie haha ready to pick up my kids with a great big smile! <3 I can’t believe the school didn’t call me the whole day!!! What if Bambi didn’t call??? They would have stayed there ’til 12! @_@

Okay, enough stressing. So after a quick shower, we were on the road again for brunch!!! <3 Wanted to eat at Cafe Breton for their yummy crepes, but their credit card service was down, so we went to Pancake House instead.

A big happy smile to start the day. What more could a mom ask for? :)
Ate had a taco salad. Loved the look of the crunchy shell!
Sam had a taco. She has a small tummy!!! :P
Notice my lovey’s taco bag that matched Sam’s food! –so cute! :)
(Taco bag from Rustan’s)  
My baby son with his bro’s! ;P
They each had a rice meal AND sandwich from starbucks. They are growing boys after all! :))
Soooooooo hungry!!! @_@
Luis’ corned beef with rice
My golden tinapa.. so good!!!
My lovey with her beef tapa! <3

Lazed around the whole afternoon (bedroom weather) while the boys played PS3. More great news: still no school tomorrow yipee! Gotta watch Captain Americaaaaaaa!!!! m/

Stay safe! :-*

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