Rainy Days & Mondays

No school today! Yippeeeee!!!! :) I think I’m the only twisted parent who rejoices when there’s no school haha! I even got so excited to be spending the whole day with the kids that I couldn’t go back to sleep after I found out!! (But I eventually did, sayang naman the opportunity to sleep in! :P)

Anyway, kids were half day yesterday. So we went to Rockwell for some window shopping.. stressing on the word WINDOW here coz my hunny was with us (therefore, NO BUYING).

But before we went to rockwell, we decided to go to U.P. first. My hunny will be the one accompanying Ate to her UP entrance test on sunday (because #1: It’s too early, 6:30am! #2 I don’t know the way!) and I wouldn’t be able to take pictures! :( So I took the opportunity to take some shots for my memory lane! :P And besides, we had to find the exact building, there’s a lot in the campus you know, they might get lost on the day itself! :P

We had to look for the N.I.G.S. building where Ate will be taking her test this sunday for Pre-med.
Good luck ate! No pressure, just do your best! :-*
And PRAY that God will lead you to the path He wants you to take.
Remember ALWAYS that we are 100% behind you every step of the way! <3

Then we went to rockwell! :)

Visited the Power Mac store to look at speakers.
My babyson has been hinting for a nice speaker for his birthday (which is sooooo far away pa!)
He liked this one, and why not? It’s the Beats by Dr. Dre speaker for a whooping 30k! :P
Trying out the BOOM-BOOM factor with his phone. Oh no.. he LIKES it! :((
4 months to save up…. @_@
And muji for the girls for nonsense stuff ;P
Looking at voodoo charms in Fully Booked! @_@
(to stop bad things being thought about you & improve your thoughts about others)
Sigh… if only!
My baby got the FLYING PIG
mostly, because it’s.. PINK!.. and it has a HEART! ;P
(to help with mood swings & develop a relaxed, carefree style)
uhhhmmmm.. ATE NEEDS THIS TOO actually teehee! ;P ;))
What are watchover voodoo dolls? First off, we do not believe in these! The girls just bought it because they found it cute accessories for the bags. And they just got a good laugh because it describes their momentary “chi”! @_@
The Watchover Voodoo doll is a voodoo doll made as a voodoo doll keyring that can be affixed to a bag, case or clothing. The Watchover voodoo doll is a hand made voodoo doll, not designed as traditional voodoo dolls  have in the past, to harm, but to protect the owner. As the Watchover voodoo doll’s name implies, this voodoo doll is designed to watch over you. Watchover voodoo doll keyrings are hand made from cotton string, made in dozens of voodoo doll  personalities. These hand made voodoo dolls are designed to bring good things to those fortunate to be given a Watchover voodoo Doll. It is the good thoughts of the giver that empowers the Watchover Voodoo Doll conferring good karma on the receiver.
My baby girl LOVES sinigang! As in she really drools when she knows we will have that for lunch or dinner! So when she saw this limited edition shirt in Team Manila which can only be bought in rockwell, she really REALLY wanted it. But alas, Daddy said N-O. And after the message of pastor Tan Chi last sunday, we had to restrain ourselves & OBEY the head of the family! ;P
My lovey <3 <3 <3 this shirt!!!
Paging her ninongs/ninangs hahaha!!! ;P
After the window shopping (where the girls ended up buying something anyway!), my Hunny decided for us to have dinner in Mongkok (instead of Chili’s where we wanted!). Great, all the way to rockwell & we still end up eating chinese! @_@
The head of the family loves chinese food! @_@
Maybe after 2 weeks we can start disobeying again hehe & eat where WE like! LOL JK!!! :P
With the oh-so-makunat love of my life ;P
We shared this beef tenderloin & pancit on top of our dimsum. I HEART pancit! ;P
My pretty Ate. I hope you had a nice day with us. I love you so much ate! :-*
My muy guapito babyson! <3
My cutie pie, the lovey of my life <3
Pastor Tan Chi didn’t say anything about compromising mwahaha so we compromised & had dessert in Chili’s!!! :P
They had the molten lava.. (400 each so I had to sacrifice.. sniff!)
Ooooooohhh!!! Just look at how GOOD it loooooks!!!
I bet it was YUMMY!!! @_@
Have a nice, stress-free week, everyone! Stay safe! :-*

BTW, feel free to comment. I LOVE COMMENTS!!! <3

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