Quiet Week

It’s exam week for the kids, so everything has been quiet at the home front -it’s just study, study, study! Which proves that I really don’t have a life apart from the kids hehe! @_@ Nothing new or exciting to blog about.. I’m having blogging withdrawals omg!! ;)

Ate will be hanging with her FRIENDS later. I don’t know about my babyson yet.. But I’m sure that my lovey will at least hang with me! Movie, (in between driving & chaperoning the older kids) then pepper lunch for dinner yay!!! :P

Speaking of Ate, she has been procrastinating the whole week & has been doing anything else she can get her artsy little hands on EXCEPT study!! (She thinks she’s too smart to study, hah! :P) Here’s what she made…

My artsy fartsy ate whom I love sooooooooooooo much!!! <3 <3 <3
A perfectly good earring..
Okay, so not destroyed.. ENHANCED! ;))
Tada! An indie earcuff!! <3
She was in her jammies so she didn’t want her face in the picture! @_@
Another “enhanced” feather ear cuff. Ate is into feathers now! @_@
Wonder where I can get her a whole bunch of feathers!!! Ideas, please, anyone?? :)
So nice with her long hair. She actually wears these to school. How chic my ate! <3

And she did another painting to boot! Sayang I didn’t get to take pics in it’s earlier stage! :(( I must admit, her paintings are getting better & better though! I’m so proud of you ate!! I love ALL your paintings but you just keep surprising me with your improving talent! :-*

Marilyn Monroe.. so angas! :)
I am just oh-so-ever proud of you, my sweetheart!!! <3
Adding final touches. She is a perfectionist! :)
Tada!!! Love your work, ate! I am definitely framing this & hanging it on our wall! :-*
Oh, and btw, I’ve already updated my old blogs. Gaaaazzzzz!!! I didn’t know all the pictures would be deleted if you move blog spots! (from Mother Knows Best to Sugar & Spice) Sheesh!! I think I’ve been re-uploading pics the whole week -unfortunately, I already deleted some of the previous photos! So there are a few titles with blank pics! @_@

Happy weekend everyone! I hope next week will be more productive for me.

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