Quality Time

After forcing my hunny bun to take the online quiz, I found out that his Language of Love is Quality Time. He’s more of a mate than a father, so he really values the time we spend together without the kids. Makita nya ng 5 minutes ang mga bagets in a day, ok na. Pero pag ako ang nawala, tawag na yan ng tawag. He’s always busy with his various small shops & our family business, and his multiple sports activities so we rarely get to spend one-on-one time. And when we do go out with the kids, lahat sila naka-angkla sa akin. They all cling to me, kulang ang 2 kamay sa 3 kong anak. So he’s usually left out. Ako naman, I’m more of a mother than a mate. I thrive on being with the kids so I always bring them along on my dates with the Kap. Walang paltos yan. I NEED them to be with me.

So the other night, we went on a REAL date, as in NO KIDS so my focus & attention was entirely on him. When you’ve been with each other as long as Kap & I have (27 years!!!), love is there but romance is definitely out the door. So it really takes effort on both sides to keep the fire burning & you don’t treat each other like siblings, or worse, flat-mates!

Anyway, we watched World War Z starring Brad Pitt. It’s daya coz the kids didn’t like to watch it anyway. Takot sila sa zombies! @_@ I on the other hand, LOVE watching anything zombie so it was a win-win situation for me, lels!

All movie promo photos belong to the World War Z production.
This is a MUST WATCH movie. Guys would love the action details.
I found this a lot better & more action packed that Man of Steel.
Brad Pitt will forever be gwapo even with wrinkles. <3
The zombies here don’t look scary so I didn’t have a heart attack watching it.
Also, they don’t eat body parts. They just bite people & whoever gets bitten “turns” in 12 seconds. Yes, THAT fast!
Can you just imagine???
Plus, these types of zombies have super strength & super fast abilities.
Ayan oh, lumulundag pa! :P

And because my chinese man likes loves chinese food, where else will we eat but in Mandarin Palace in BF P’que? It’s open until 2AM so we didn’t have to rush. It’s now his go-to place when he wants authentic chinese food in the south.

Since we didn’t have kids to consider, we were able to order “adult food”, stuff that our kids don’t eat hahaha..

Cuchay dumpling 88 php
Taro Puff 88 php
Hot & Sour Soup 250 php
Minced Pork with Eggplant 280 php
Steamed stuffed shrimp with beancurd
Date with my one true love! <3
Dami na natin wrinkles hunny. But I still see you as the boy 27 years ago.
And you still manage to make my heart beat fast with a smile such as this. Kinikilig pa rin ako! :)

Thank you for my date, hunny bun. I know your bulilit station will be up soon, so I’m sure you will be busy more than ever. I look forward to our many more one-on-one dates. Pag may pera ka na, upgrade na rin siguro ang kakainan natin, hahaha!!! LOVE YOU!!! <3

PS: Thank you ate for our pasalubong that made your wallet empty!! :)) You can never take away the chinese in us haha.. It runneth deep in our blood! ;P

1 whole Peking Duck from Waiying in Benavides St. 1.4k
Assorted yummy things from Diao Eng Chai & Eng Bee Tin. <3
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