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Purefoods Nuggets, Eats So Easy!

As you know, our home is the undisputed tambayan ng bayan. I’m not complaining. I love having all the kids in our cozy little orphanage, oops, home I mean. ;P What I don’t like though, is when my kids surprise me & announce impromptu dinner guests at wala akong maihanda!


Biglang bumisita ang barkada? Walang problema! Thanks to Purefoods Nuggets, tuloy ang saya!

They never learn, especially my boy. He thinks I’m a magic genie able to whip up some kind of fiesta at a moment’s notice. He constantly drives me crazy.

Thank goodness for the Rustan’s Fresh right along the corner of our street. And of course, Purefoods Nuggets available in all leading supermarkets -yes, even small ones like our village grocery! From the freezer, just pop in the toaster and voila, instant meal. EATS SO EASY!


My kids love the crispy and juicy Purefoods Nuggets that comes in exciting and fun shapes too that’s best for snacks and meals!



Purefoods Nuggets can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors: From Purefoods Chicken Breast Nuggets, and Purefoods Chicken Drummets, to Purefoods Crazy Cut Nuggets, Purefoods Bacon & Cheese Nuggets, Purefoods Letters & Numbers Nuggets and this NEW Purefoods Fish Nuggets (right)! Great addition to any meal, lalo na kung kulang ang handa.

Purefoods Nuggets.. Eats so Easy!


What I learned as a mom of 3. When doing your weekly grocery shopping, always stock up on a little “extra” like these packs of ready-to-eat Purefoods Nuggets for an impromptu deluge of house guests.



From one mom to another, I really recommend these Purefoods Nuggets that come with ready-to-eat barbecue sauce! So all you need to do is pop a pack of Chicken breast Nuggets in the toaster, heat in minutes and enjoy it with sauce! Eats so easy!

My kids’ favorite Purefoods Nuggets would have to be the fun Purefoods Crazy Cut Shapes, Letters, Numbers. It’s what they always remind me to buy, which I think, is just perfect because they can spell out how much they love & appreciate me. ;) What’s more, it’s so easy to prepare -just toast & serve!


Ok fine. So maybe they can’t spell out the whole thing. But I know that this below, is what’s REALLY in their hearts..



Oh yeah! ;)

And because I’m a certified #SuperMom, I make sure I stock up on Purefoods Nuggets for my pamilya & their barkada! \m/ To see YUMMY meals you can cook up, CLICK HERE

Who knew chicken could be this exciting? With Purefoods Nuggets Crazy Cut Shapes, and Letters & Numbers, the possibilities are endless. Pagkaing hindi lang pang-pamilya. Pang-barkada paJust pop in the toaster for minutes and enjoy! Eats so Easy!

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