Ate & my babyson are really serious about buffing up & toning up this summer. They are almost always going to yoga, or to the gym -joining the different classes on top of abusing the machines hehe. I hardly see them na! @_@
Ate is so SCARILY thin na, don’t you think??? @_@And yet she won’t listen to me!
I keep telling her she is big-boned so she shouldn’t expect to be reed thin. Plus she’s tall pa at 5’7″! :((
Hay. Anorexic beauty queen & my pogi crush ng bayan beefing up! ;P

As a reward (plus I feel SO bad that she’s not eating while the rest of us are! @_@), I got ate this uber cute watch for all the hard work & discipline she has been subjecting herself to this summer. Isn’t it just the “SWAGGIEST”???

The eyes show the hour & minute.
Mr. Marc by Marc Jaocbs.
Retails for 12k at Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Btw, try the Adidas Outlet along C-5 for discount athletic wear. Up to 50% off, you can’t imagine how HAPPY that made me! My beauty queen needed head to toe matchy-matchy outfits for working out so buying her things at discount was really God-sent! m/

In one of her workout outfits.. channeling PINK today! :P
With matching Hot Pink shoes. At 50% off. Swear! m/
Imagine if I had to pay full price for her complete workout wardrobe! #patay
I <3 the adidas outlet store in C-5.
Everything is on S-A-L-E!!
Aside from the gym, they are now heavy investors in PUMP Juice Bar, what with the way they have been getting “high” in all those juiceseses! :)) Dapat may sarili na silang parking space ha!
Ate mostly “eats” their Meal in a Cup. NOT HEALTY ENOUGH!!! :((
She drinks the SLIMMING SUPER or anything with the SLIMMER PUMP.
See.. pwede na syang model ng SLIMMING drink! ;P 
Her Meal in a Cup. Ubos na! Kawawa.
This photo belongs to Pump Juice Bar

Supreme Smoothies “Meal in a CUP”
Breakfast Blaster – banana, toasted muesli, honey, low fat milk, low fat vanilla yoghurt, ice + multivitamin pump
Gym Time – banana, almonds, strawberry, low fat milk, low fat vanilla yoghurt, ice + protein pump
Pure Energy – banana, mango, dates, low fat vanilla yoghurt, tropical juice + energy pump
Sensational Smoothies
Mango Madness – mango, banana, mango nectar, low fat mango yoghurt, sorbet,ice
Watermelon Punch – watermelon, banana, mango, tropical juice, low fat strawberry yoghurt, sorbet,ice
Strawberry Kiss- strawberries, banana, apple juice, low fat strawberry yoghurt, sorbet,ice
Fresh Juices-Plus PUMP!
Daily Juice – watermelon, orange, celery, carrot, beetroot + multi vita pump
Good Morning – carrot, orange, celery, ginger + energy pump
Flu Fighter – orange, strawberries, pineapple, mint + immunity pump
Fruit Crushes
Melonhead Crush – watermelon, honeydew, tropical juice, sorbet, ice
Lychee Crush – lychee, apple juice, sorbet, ice
Naughty Smoothies
Chocolate Lover – banana, strawberry, chocolate, low fat milk, low fat vanilla yoghurt, sorbet, ice
Berry Coconut – berries, chocolate, coconut milk, low fat milk, low fat strawberry yoghurt, sorbet, ice
Add a PUMP Any 2 for
Slimmer – Aids in the reduction of the bodys stored body fat (L-Carnetine,Green Tea)
Multi-Vitamin – Helps the body in maintaning vitality,health & well being (Vitamin C,A,E,D3,Iron Sulfate,Moringa)
Add any Pump
* A lot more smoothies to choose from at the Pump Juice Bars
On the occasion that they need their mommy to drive them, Lovey & I hang out (read: PIG OUT) at the nearby restos while waiting for them to finish. Yes, that’s our work out. Chewing is hard work too you know! ;P
Gram’s Diner Tapa 275 php
My ever loyal companion! <3 
Silver Dollar Pancake Breakfast 195 php (+90 php for unlimited brewed coffee) 
Eggs Benedict 290 php

Seriously, I can’t move an inch in this heat if my life depended on it. The only thing that’s keeping me sane this summer is keeping close tabs on the BARRETTO brouhaha, LELS! (If you are still in the dark about this exciting reality teleserye developing right before our eyes, Gretchen started it all by commenting about her sister Claudine on an IG picture. In my opinion, she really was asking for it. #karmaisabitch Read about it HERE & HERE. #chismosa And as they say, the rest is history!)

Anyway, just driving the kids to the gym gets my kili-kili all sweaty na, geez. I don’t know how these 2 bear it. Kahit pa naka-aircon ang gym. I’ll go back to walking when they all go back to school in june. At least the weather will be way cooler na & I won’t faint from heatstroke. I’m actually eyeing a bike, but bume-bwelo pa ako. I need the right timing with El Kapitan before I bring “my” PINK bike home! :P
Pink Fuji Sanibel 2.0 retails for 10k in Gran Trail.
Probably cheaper in Cartimar.. Must check it out!
Planning to pimp it out with a white basket & those other girly sticker & stuff! :P
I can’t say I totally blame him, lels. Look at all the exercise equipments I bought coz I complained to him how it’s always too crowded at the gym. They are all just collecting dust at home, even my most recent Nugabest Bed has been demoted to patungan ng bags harhar.


It’s just not the same when you don’t have to fight anyone over using the machines. Mas enjoy pala sa gym na nakikipag-unahan to use the equipments! ;))

Is there a special pill out there to get me motivated & working???

Btw, a special shout out to my new reader Juvy. Thank you so much for the lovely email you sent. You really made my day! Hope to meet you & your girls soon! :-*

And thank you peeps for patiently waiting for my new post itong kapanahunan ng katamaran ko. Pero diba, sulit naman? Mahaba na, kabog pa! ;)) Love you guys! <3
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