Puerto Galera Part 2


Our days were filled with island-hopping, water sports, rock climbing, cave exploration & snorkeling.. (all photos from here on out belong to Angela Buensalida)

My beauty queen! <3
and my cutie pie! <3
Oh.. and eating too, of course! ;))
Lots & lots of eating in between!!! :))

Our nights with towers of mindoro sling, fire dance & belly laughs from gay impersonators…

We spent our nights at the very gay (literal & figurative meaning, if you please) White Beach resort.
It’s plain madness at night!
Fire dance.

Guzzing up tower after tower of the island-famous mindoro sling.
Orange.. Drunkards, all of them!!!
Matthew even gets his first taste of showbiz! ;))
A very entertaining show indeed! ;))

The kids, I must admit, had the time of their lives. All thanks to their tito Rolly who kept their schedules filled to the brim. They got to experience riding a jeep, a cara(bao)-tela, and a trek to Tukuran Falls.

These are memories that will last them a lifetime.

The kids are happy. Mommy is happy. :)

And now that we’re back, I’m feeling like sleeping beauty & I just wanna lock myself in my room & sleep.. that is, until my Prince (Kap) kisses me (passionately, I hope) to wake up to another adventure.

How’s YOUR summer? :)

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