My daughter’s high school prom is coming up.. AND I’M SO EXCITED! :)

Actually, this is her second dance. Her first was in grade 7. (awww….. that stage of “I remember the boy, but I don’t remember the feeling anymore”…)

Ate’s 1st Romeo, hehehe! ;)
He has grown taller na since.. promise! :P

But this coming dance is a BIGGIE! :) I want her to experience stuff I wasn’t able to experience myself. From the fabulous “IT” dress to the fantastic “IT” shoes.

Here’s my dalaga getting a consult with Pepsi Herrera.. then fitting of her fab dress. (I can’t wait to see it finished!)

Ate & I saw this cocktail dress at a fashion show, & we both fell in love with it! <3

With Pepsi Herrera & Edwin Tan

and a consult & fitting with Lila Almario for her shoes.. (this is just the base..)

I’m so glad that my dalaga is soooo happy! <3

okay.. so finally! we have THE dress! And it’s what my daughter dreamt it to be. Success! :)

And the finished shoe! :) It’s 3-in-1 so she can wear it 3 different ways. One as plain. One with just the ribbons at the back. And one with a strap & colored flower as heel accent. Very nice indeed.

Now on to the Prom. :) But that’s another blog, saved for another day… ;)
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