Prom Night!

My friend Sheila is such a fun, carefree girl. And she’s an energizer bunny, like a teen on redbull 24/7 haha! <3 I just love her to bits! Everyone loves her, actually, because she has such a winsome personality.

This year, for her birthday, she decided she wants to have a prom! Here are some pictures from last night…

Pics taken from her paparazzi wall! ;)
Of course I gotta have one with my sweetness too! <3
She had her house decked in hearts! <3
Happy old farts reliving their prom night haha! ;))
Our handsome prom dates! :P
Sober club!!!! m/
Prom queen wannabes with the real prom queen hahaha!
Photo op with our lovely hosts, Sheila & Nonoy! <3
Lovely prom princesses! <3
It’s cool that most of her friends’ kids are the same age. They had a lovely time as well! m/
Prom King & Queen nominees.. :) WITH GABBY!!!!! <3
Prom Prince & Prom Princess nominees..
Money rained that night! ;)) Sheila gave away cash prizes & giant chocolates to the winners. Too bad my hunny pie wasn’t decked out in a suit, so we were automatically disqualified. </3 Hindi bale, my hunny pie will always be my prom king naman haha! ;P

1st dance led by the power couple.
Noy is a successful corporate lawyer, while Sheila has her own talent agency, Front Media Entertainment  
Romantic moment. The Ambray couple remain one of my favorite love teams ever! <3
Noy & their 3 lovely girls performed a number to Sheila’s delight & surprise! <3
80’s heart throbs Gabby & William sang some songs to the delight of the swooning crowd.
Gabby made my night! He’s soooooo gwapo!
I was disappointed with William though, he seemed scatter-brained that night & was more of a nuisance than a performer.
Good thing Gabby covered for both of them. Sigh, my HERO!! <3
Then we all partied the night away!

Our dinner was catered by Albergus.. nothing but the best for our birthday girl! m/

Asian Salad
Pompia (lumpiang sosyal! ;P)
Spinach Pasta
Roast Beef..
with Mashed Potato
Tempura Trio (shrimp, squid & veggies/kakiage)

Thank you, my super friendship, for a lovely fun-filled night. You always give the best parties ever! m/ Love you!!! :-*

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