Prom Date

My babyson was asked to be a prom DATE! ;) Naturally, the MOM was more excited!!! Went to topshop to buy my star a wardrobe! :P

This was my peg since my hunny is SO NOT a clotheshorse & would probably let my babyson go in a sack if he can hehe..

Bought him everything except for the tie.
I decided to tone it down to just black so his date will be the star! ;)

And here is my muy gwapito babyson… ;P

But that’s moving waaaay ahead. Let’s rewind to the earlier part of the day when we got the corsage & the super-kaduper cute prom princess doll from Rustan’s Flower Shop!!! (I am sooooo jealous that I don’t get to keep the doll for myself, LOL!)

Well… isn’t she just sooooooo ME??? ;))
That’s the corsage around her neck. I sooo want that doll!!! <3
I’m teaching my boy how to be the perfect date..
TREAT GIRLS LIKE PRINCESSES! Spoil them -so they always remember you with great fondness! ;)

After a little primping, my boy was ready to pick up his prom date.. yes, I was the chauffeur hehe! Sorry na lang siya we don’t have a driver! ;P

His date, Adi, is sooooo cute! :)
She’s the granddaughter of Christian Espiritu, one time great couturier.
They used to be classmates before she transferred.
So cute how she picked my babyson as her date! <3

Such adorable kids! :)

And the kilig mom that I am, of course I didn’t just stop there haha.. I snuck in at around 10PM to take more pictures.. much to my babyson’s chagrin, LOL! :P Well at least to my credit, I did give them a little leeway before I barged in! ;))

Just outside, at Bellevue Hotel’s Cafe d’Asie, we had a little dinner party of our own haha..

On a double date with Adi’s parents Jol & Mayo..
and their +1, Mr. Christian Espiritu himself haha!
O di ba? Talagang stage parents! LOL!

And look at what Noel, my favorite waiter, gave me!!! A surprise birthday cake, how sweet!!! <3

Icing on the cake was The Clan’s very own Noe won as prom princess. Yay!!! <3

Beautiful, striking gown by Rene Salud on a beautiful, striking girl! <3

Received this text message from Jol on our way home..
Adi was raving about how much fun she had and how good Jonah was to her. You raised him well. Thank you!

This really brought tears of pride to my eyes. I know most parents think that their kids are the best & just picture perfect. I’m not claiming mine are. But they really are good kids. And I’m just SO BLESSED that where other parents are so problematic with their wayward children, here I am blessed with 3 kind-hearted, good, solid, loving kids whom I’m just so very proud to call my own.

What more can a parent ask for, really? <3

To my dear baby son, I know you were disappointed not to have gone to EK with your friends in favor of your commitment to Adi. But sweetie, you made her happy by honoring your commitment. You provided her with a safe haven by being her hero on an important night in her life. For that, I am so very proud of just how amazing you are. Well done my boy. Well done! :-*

This article by the lolo, Christian Espiritu, came out in our village newsletter.
As expected, my babyson was egged, got hoots & laughter from his basketball buddies hehe.
I doubt if he’ll go to another prom soon! ;P
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