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I’ve come to know of PROJECT PIE when friends posted this unique, make-your-own pizza concept on Instagram where I lurk constantly. I find out about all the latest craze & fad on Instagram, so I suggest if you wanna keep abreast, make an account asap.. & don’t forget to add me! ;)) #commercialbreakmunabagoanglahat

Project Pie Philippines is the first international franchise of the brand outside the United States. The do-it-yourself pizzeria is the brainchild of James Markham that first opened in 2012 and has become widely popular.

Unfortunately, it was only available in Shaw Blvd. And that is like SO VERY FAR AWAY FROM ME! @_@ I’ve included it on my “Go To” list though for when we unexpectedly make a field trip. One day, out of nowhere, this building greeted us as we were on our way home! Project Pie was in the South, YAY!!! m/

My Lovey likes anything D-I-Y. Too bad her mommy isn’t a kitchen goddess so the next best thing is to take her to restos where she can make her own pancake, cook, and now, make her own pizza as well!

As a last hurrah before school resumed on its last leg, I took them to Project Pie as a surprise treat because we were all getting melancholy at the thought of having to be separated again so soon after the bitin holiday break. Yes we’re so clingy to each other that way & I love it! ;)

Project Pie is located along Commerce Avenue in Filinvest City Alabang, right beside the new Mc Donald’s & South Supermarket. You won’t miss it.

The resto is very industrial & masculine looking. Perfect for the macho(nurin) date! ;)

They have ready-made pizza (245 php) which you can order by the number. But we wanted a make-your-own (285 php). It’s more fun, doncha think? ;)

Because it’s the “IN” thing, and because the pizza really is moderately priced, the line is always long. And as is the case of custom-made anything, you really have to be very very patient for the people ahead of you to finish their build-your-own version.
I must warn you, some people can really take a LONG, LONG time making up their minds with what they really want in life. Even with a simple pizza. GAH!

Wanna see magic happen? :)
First comes these balls of dough..

Which they put inside a “magic” pressing machine..

and TADAHHH!!! It comes out flat! ;)

There’s one assigned to prepare the dough..
You get to choose if you want a red pizza, a white pizza, or a combination of both.
I got the combination.

There’s another one assigned to put the cheese toppings. There are so many choices that I just said ALL PLEASE. ;P

Then there’s yet another one who is in charge of all the OTHER, non-cheese toppings.
I chose different ones for the red side, and another set for the white side.
When they get in the tummy, halo-halo na. I don’t know why I even made the effort haha.

As always, Kap wasn’t with us so it was just 4 pizzas that day.

There’s also this guy who looked really stressed out. Poor fella!
He’s the one in charge of writing down ALL the different orders on a sheet before the raw pizza goes to the oven.
This is so they know which pizza belongs to who.
I don’t envy him his job, really.
He looked bewildered & panicky with all the people shouting out the toppings to him for the individual orders.

Our raw pizzas finally made it to the oven after 987654321 years. ;)

Yay!! Simply mouth-watering! <3 And not oily too. The crust was crispy & chewy at the same time. The pizza piping hot. The toppings a burst of savory flavors. I was in pizza heaven!

Not to be missed are their dessert pizzas. We got one for sharing. This is the Peanut Butter Nutella at 145 php. Yummmm is all I can say!

They also have assorted drinks. I was feeling sosyal so I got a white wine. I initially wanted both a red & a white to match my red & white sided pizza.
But then again, I found out a small bottle costs 250 php each. MAS MAHAL PA SA PIZZA! @_@
So I said, just 1 please. Hahaha!

My expensive white wine.
But I really enjoyed my pizza so much with this pairing.

With the people I can never ever get enough of! I really wish I could spend 24/7 with them.
I miss them too much when they’re away from me.

UBOS to the last bite! This is the sheet the poor fella was writing on.

My happy munchkins.
I gotta take Kap here. He’s not fond of pizza but I think he’ll like the concept.
Plus, it’s reasonably-priced. So I think he’ll be happy when I take him here on a date. ;)

Parking is really not a problem. There’s a wide open space for guests to par their vehicles.
As you can see, Project Pie is just across South Supermarket.

Boo. I hate that Christmas vacay is over.
Not only are the beautiful decors & twinkling lights removed one by one, we also have to go back to our regular activities. Waaaah!

How many days is it ’til Christmas once again???

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