Project Aral

The kids are already going on to their 3rd week of school and yet, we went on another needed trip to the bookstore the other day! Eto na ba ang buhay ko??? Walanag katapusang NBS? Utang na loob. My Lovey needed colored plastic envelopes. And shoes for P.E. Hay -Project Aral!!! :P

National Bookstore

Alabang Town Center

Lower Ground Level

Alabang Commercial Corporation, Alabang-Zapote Road Muntinlupa Metro Manila
842-4446, 842-4104, 842-3397
Bought my Lovey pink CLIMACOOL rubber shoes for P.E. from Runnr.
Wala kasi syang rubber shoes. That’s how athletic she is hahaha! :P
Runnr has an on going promo. You can buy this Runnr ELITE ALPHA eyewear for only 59 php for every 2k purchase.
Original price is 1.2k
Syempre nag-avail ako! Kap always breaks his crappy shades so he’ll be happy with this, I’m sure. :P
They have so many stocks pa, I’m sure they’ll extend again.

And since my 2 boys were still in Anilao, trying to get their boat upright after it capsized due to the heavy rains all saturday night until the wee hours the next day, I decided to just spend our sunday afternoon in the mall. It’s so sad at home without the Jr. & the Sr. –walang makulit! :P

Ate had dinner with her girl friends last saturday before watching the LFS of Monsters University. Inggitera that I am, I couldn’t get the Xiao Long Baos out of my head. So we had an early dinner there after all our chores had been taken care of.

Jellyfish 105 php
Century Egg 95 php
What brought me to Shi Lin.. their uber yummy SHAO LONG BAO (10’s) – 246 php
Spicy Vegetable Pork Wonton 118 php
(the shrimp version is soooo much better though)
Fried Shrimp Pork Wonton 135 php
Reviewing her lessons in between bites.
My Lovey makes a good tutor! ;)
I just love my girls!!! <3
Spicy Spareribs 329 php
Rice shrimp 128 php 
Almond Cream 108 php
Cheesecake 115 php

I was on low-batt mode the whole time we were in the mall. Wasn’t able to sleep well without lover boy by my side. Need to buy an ice pick ASAP. Next time he decides to go off on another overnight trip, bubutasin ko ang gulong ng sasakyan namin para hindi na sya maka-alis! :P EYEBAGS!!!

PS – Look at these cute Monsters Inc. donuts from Krispy Kreme!!! <3

Syempre, avail din ako! :P
Cuteness factor ang pang-laban nila sa J.Co
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