Preview of Christmas

I know my kids. They would bug me endlessly & ask for clues on what I got them for CHRISTmas! @_@ (Then it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore if I tell you guys, duh!)
So last year, I started confusing them with my clever idea of a santa’s sack! I even went one step better by mixing up their gifts so what was in their sack wasn’t really their gifts at all! (coz they would look inside & shake and rattle things!) :P
This year.. I put their gift inside ANOTHER gift. So when they asked me again what was inside their sacks, I let them open 1 gift and only 1.. on a not-christmas day. Boy,were they so shocked when I allowed them to open my gift a week before christmas day, hahaha! ;P

What mother’s heart will not melt with this lovely sight?
This is what happiness if for me… to see them like this. So happy & so loving! <3
I’m so blessed that they are really so close to one another…
in front of the camera or not.
The moment has come…

Opening their sacks!
Choosing only 1 gift to open.. MINE! ;)
All excited.. only to find…
SPONGEBOB??? hahaha!
Look at Lovey’s face!!! Priceless! ;))
They really thought spongebob was their gift.
But wait!!!
Their REAL gift is hidden inside!!! ;)
2 weeks ago, I had my mananahi sew a pocket inside the spongebob
pillows so I can put their real gifts inside haha!
Aren’t I just sooooo clever??? ;P
And now I have the spongebobs sitting there quietly..
teasing & tormenting my kids with what lies ahead..
Mwahaha!!! ;))

Just 4 more days lovies!!! I’m sure you can wait some more. In the meantime, stew on what I have in store for you!!! I love you guys, and remember, the meaning of CHRISTmas is not in the receiving & opening of gifts. The gift is a symbol of what God gave to us in the person of JESUS CHRIST. With His blood, our sins were washed away. What a priceless gift that is.

Thank you Jesus, for dying for our sins, and giving us eternal lives. Amen.

Merry CHRISTmas everyone.. and to every one, a merry CHRISTmas! :-*
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