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Last Sunday, I had the weirdest craving for JAMBA JUICE. Funny coz I never liked jamba juice. I had a first taste while waiting for the kids who were at the gym across the street & I never went back for more. Found the cocoction too sweet. I think the heavy rain & gloomy weather have created a havoc in my system, lels. So when I couldn’t take the craving out even after a leisurely nap, I gathered the brood for a jamba juice expedition & some paninis to go with it.

Couldn’t resist those pretzels! <3

Got a medium Strawberry Wild blend & some pretzels which called out to me. :P

I loved my drink this time. Perfect combination of sweet & sour! Strawberry Wild 22 oz. 160 php

Parmesan Pretzel (L), and Cinnamon Pretzel (R) 85 php each
I liked the Cinnamon best. -it had just the slightest taste of cinnamon & not covered-in-sugar sweet at all. The bread was so soft & chewy! <3

They didn’t have paninis so we ran to Fully Booked’s PRESS CAFE right across in what Ayala calls the LIFESTYLE LANE hehe. WowΒ naman ang sosi na pangalan! ;)

Books & Coffee.. perfect combination. I could spend hours & hours here.

Again, I had ALL my kids with me so I was one very happy mommah that sunday! <3 I really like it when they aren’t social creatures.. fleeting from one event to another!

I’m happiest when I’m with the kids.. and Kap of course. <3

My babyson’s Pressadilla 250 php. I was quite surprised with the big serving. 2 people can easily share this & still have some leftovers for take-out.

Tomato Soup 95 php. Real tomato-ey goodness, perfect on a rainy day.

Veggie panini for you-know-who! ;)) 210 php. Again, the serving was quite huge so ate had the half wrapped for breakfast the next day.

Veggie panini innards. :P

Yup, obviously she enjoyed every bite haha. <3

My Lovey’s Chicken Melt 225 php.

With chicken tenders aplenty. *clap clap clap

Press Fries 145 php. Every sandwich comes with fries so hold off the order on extra fries of you’re getting the paninis.

My Eggs Benedict 260 php. The eggs were perfectly cooked, but the overall taste was disappointing. I should have stuck with the paninis. The bread was hard, the ham & bacon I couldn’t see OR taste.

The books had BREAD & DRINK carved out, can you see?

My bill came is this hard bound case. I love their attention to details. Everything is themed -from the name to the decor, down to the bill folder. <3

Oh, and lemme share with you my kids’ craziness!!

They’ve never met my dad, and I have so few pictures of him they’ve been curious as to what he looks like. When we went to pick up my mom from church to have lunch with us, they saw a bust of my dad & climbed the pedestal to have a photo op with him haha! ;)) CRAZEE I tell ya! They never fail to amuse me & always keep me in stitches..

And now they have a picture with their lolo, lels! ;))

Eto pa.. si mowdel at si lowlo!Β Talagang kinareer! ;))

I’m sure he would have been very proud of my babies too! <3

Kaloka!! :)

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