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This photo belongs to Disney.

Dear Readers, look at what I have for YOU!

I’ve been slaving over my scheduled posts these past few days, all lined up & ready. From today until August 12. With more to come in between to fill the gaps (???), hopefully. Do send in your requests & letters to SUGARGOSPICE@GMAIL.COM and I’ll keep them coming.

All weekdays & Saturdays, posts are scheduled to come out at 8:00 AM sharp. Sunday posts will come out at 12 noon. I hope you’ll like them. Thank you for always coming back & visiting SSEN. I value your support to my blog! :)


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Enjoy! :-*


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Step 1: Go to https://www.blogger.com/home & create an account. It’s really easy. Then click ADD.

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Step 2:Add your favorite blogger’s URL (website) & voila. You’re good to go! ;)


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