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Post-birthday Sesh at Manam Comfort Food

Because February lacks at least 2 days, I made up for it by borrowing some from March & celebrated my post birthday at Manam’s hehe. Sinulit ko talaga ang buong-buwang pagdiriwang and then some. ;P I’m a kid at heart & I live for birthdays! \m/

You already know that Filipino food is at the bottom of my preferred food chain, but when it comes to Manam, all my reservation simply goes out the window. I love the twists & turns of the ingredients that every trip at Manam is an adventure. <3

Manam Comfort Filipino

G/F Net Park Bldg, 4th Avenue corner 27th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 332-9390 ; (02) 804-1646


Sa Manam, tuloy ang loving-loving at syempre pa, ang birthday saya!


UBE = ultimate bonding experience at Manam for team #GOppets. His Ube+Sago Shake 95 php & Hers Mango+Pomelo+Coconut+Cream+Sago Shake 120 php. Even with drinks, I’m more complicated lolz. These cool & refreshing fruit drinks are perfect for this sudden sweltering weather.


May kasabihan.. the family that eats together gets fat together. Pero bakit habang nagtatagal parang ako lang ang nagiging litol piglet??? Basta’t Filipino comfort food, Manam lang, wala nang iba! Malinamnam na, so affordable pa! \m/ When I asked the kids where they wanted to eat that day, the unanimous vote went to Manam. Aprub! ;)


Caramelized Patis Wings. Medium (good for 3) 295 php. This is one tasty appetizer you don’t wanna miss.


Adobong Kangkong. Local morning glory, stir-fried. Large (good for 6) 315 php. I’ve never had trouble getting the kids to eat veggies, which is a good thing, right? This was one of the dishes na simot.


Crispy Pancit Palabok. Towering glass noodles topped with house-made chicharon, crispy garlic, spring onions, fresh shrimp, baby squid and crab floss, all covered with thick and savory house-made sauce. Large (good for 6) 645 php.


House Crispy Sisig. Classic Pork jowls, cheek and ears, finely chopped, grilled and served on a sizzling plate. Medium (good for 3) 245 php. The girls who are non-pork eaters asked for a seafood version, the Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig Medium (good for 3) 295 php.


Kare-Kare with Oxtail. Classic Oxtail and tripe stewed in house-made peanut sauce and served with house-made shrimp paste on the side. Large (good for 6) 980 php. I think Kare-kare is the only Filipino food I would like to leave untouched. Classic all the way, no twists. <3 And extra bagoong please>


Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon. A Manam favorite by its regular customers – an original family recipe. Large (good for 6) 775 php. Manamis-namis na maasim-asim, perfect fruity summer flavor.


Garlic Rice. Large (good for 6) 180 php. One big bowl is NOT enough, I swear.

As I was directing Kap on how to take a food shot kasi dakilang pakialamera nga ako

Me: blah blah blah, hindi ganyan. Ganito dapat, hani mali yan..

Kap: (clearly annoyed with me at this point) Sweetheart, tigilan mo ako. You know me more!!

Me: Huh? *perplexed*

Kap: Marunong ka pa sa akin! YOU KNOW ME MORE. Sige ikaw na ang kumuha ng litrato, mas marunong ka pala eh.

Me: LOL #rofl

Oh Honey, you never fail to make me laugh, even when we are fighting hahaha. Sige ito naman ang para sayo. Kumpletos rekados ka. (meaning: You complete me). Thank you for always filling my life with laughter & cheer! ;))

And folks, this is why he is the photographer & I am the blogger. Hinding hindi kami pwedeng magpalit ng assignment – magsisira ang blog. :P #kapseries #truestory #nosebleed


Together is our favorite place to be. Remember, the fondest memories are made when gathered at the table, so do make time for faMEALy. :-* After all, in a family, love is spelled T-I-M-E, doncha agree? ;)


One can never have too many birthday celebrations (and apparently, photobombers too hehe). Life is so fleeting & precious that it should ALWAYS be celebrated. #themorethemerrier . Thank you so much Manam for my happy post-birthday celebration!  Super enjoyed these bibingka trio. Bibingkang Galapong of Salted Egg, Bibingkang Ube, and Bibingkang de Leche (my ultimate fave among the 3!) 125 Small | 240 Medium | 360 php Large


Age is merely the number of years that the world has been enjoying you. CELEBRATE! <3

Looking forward to what life has to offer in the following days. After all, the best is yet to come. Cheers!

To my co-birthday celebrants.. Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But the important thing is that you enjoy the journey. Life, after all, is a journey, not a destination. Our path is beautiful & crooked, just as it should be. So accept what is, let go of what was, trust God in what will be. :-*

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