Pool Toys

So, before the “momentous” cake fight/surprise joint birthday party (whew, what a mouthful!), ate was so nice to help me buy the many things on my Lovey’s party list. Good thing she was half-day last thursday. I don’t think I would have been able to carry everything to the car on my own. Kailan kaya ako magkakaroon ng sariling yaya at driver? :P

We searched far & wide for pool toys in ATC but none carried the stuff that my Lovey wanted. It’s way past summer running into the rainy season, so most already stored their pool toys. Our last chance was SM where they’ve got it all for you. And surprise, surprise.. THEY DID HAVE IT ALL! m/

Not only were we able to buy 5 kinds (yes 5!) of pool floaters, but we were able to buy water guns in all colors & sizes as well, and other pool-related toys. Hurrah!!!

Thank you Toy Kingdom! <3
And as you already know, shopping makes us hungry, so we had a late lunch at YABU after, located on the ground floor of SM South Mall.

Yabu: House of KatsuSM Southmall

SM SouthmallAlabang-Zapote RdAlmanza Uno, Las Piñas
I had my eye on this lady’s pink celine bag the whole time! <3 
My beautiful darling’s Hire Miso Meal with Wheat Rice (yes, they have it!) 312.50 php
My Hire Mix Meal 433.04 with additional Salmon 133.93
Kadiri yung talong. Mukhang ahas!!! @_@
Fish Fillet
I love having one-on-one dates with my kids as much as group dates.
Basta kasama sila I’m so very happy! <3
Our set meals came with fruits, unlimited miso soup, and unlimited cabbage.
Which we had lots & lots of! <3
Our miniscule dessert. That we shared pa, lels! :))
Vanilla Lava 138.39
And as you also very well know, even laden with package upon package, ate still managed to look for shoes for yet another debut party. She already has 5 pending parties to attend as of this writing. I’m applying for bankruptcy first thing in the morning! @_@
I’m glad she found shoes to her liking at Charles & Keith.
Open-toed wedge 3.5k
So now all we have to do is ask her tita Ann to make a cocktail dress in the same hue.
Here we go againnnn.
Back home, this is what happened haha. Kawawang mga kasambahay.. ginutom kaka-bomba! ;)) We have an electric-powered pump but the nozzle was too big for the inflatable toys. Kaya mano-mano na lang.
Kawawa naman sila. Talagang manual labor! :P
Gowrabels. you can do it! ;))
and of course they just had to try out the new toys! ;))

I love it when the kids come home early from school. <3 I’ll never ever get tired of hanging with them!

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