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PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan

Internet connection is very important to me as a Blogger. But even beyond that, the internet does so much more. It provides me with information & networking at the snap of a finger. Or at least it does when the connection is fast, lol.


The one we have now is slow though. I’ve been meaning to change it because the kids are always complaining of the turtle pace, and the connection stops midway just when they need it the most. But because our internet plan is tied up to our television channel, Kap told me to just grin & bear it. Men!


Internet today is all about high-speed connectivity. But more importantly, it’s also about sharing and nurturing the connections that matter most in this digitally-driven world.

I can deal with it if I really have to because my blogs are scheduled. So if the connection is poor, I just save my draft & wait to upload when it gets better -mostly at nights when everyone is asleep & I’m the only one left using the connection. But the kids rely on our internet service provider for their homework & group chats. My Lovey does her home schooling & assignments through emails. So their frustration level hits the roof when our connection fails to deliver, especially when there’s storm afoot or even a-brewin’. Wala na, goodbye internet! #BackToTheCavemanAge.

Now that we’re transferring homes, the kids made sure we are getting high speed internet via PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan. The family plan starts at only 1299/month (up to 10 mbs) so it’s Kap-approved. ;) What’s more, SMART Communications tied up with PLDT therefore enabling consumers to share the strongest connections like never before, even beyond the home. Yaaaay! \m/


To enjoy the Speedster Family Plan’s data sharing feature, subscribers can get a Smart mobile line that comes with a free smart phone for an additional P299 per month or with a free iPhone for P799 per month. Subscribers can share 6 GB of the 50 GB monthly data allocation to up to four mobile phone lines, which they can use even outside the home. Bundled with the Speedster Family Plan, these are all conveniently billed under one subscription.


With the new data allowance-sharing offer from the PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan, the strongest connections at home now empower even the mobile experience and allows us to live to the fullest. The PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan allows families to share like never before, so I can finally say goodbye to our old mobile plan that swallows up a lot from my budget & just embrace this new SMART plan! Easy peasy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.35.00 PM

And because the PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan goes beyond the home, the GOppets can share data even when we’re far apart. It’s not only fast, but strong & reliable too. As a mom, I’m assured that even with the strongest of rains & at the most remote places, I can reach my kids anytime, anywhere. Wala silang kawala kay mommy! ;P

With PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan, sharing data is more than just bandwidth: it is an expression of love..

The PLDTHOME Speedster Fam Plan 1299 offers five times faster speeds of up to 10 mbps and a monthly data allocation of 50 GB.

Aside from giving subscribers access to an array of multimedia entertainment options from iflix, Fox and Netflix, the PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan revolutionizes the way subscribers can share data. Parents can share data with their children so they can book an Uber going home, or check up on their kids while they’re out through video call. This feature can also be used to plan an impromptu dinner with the family or make travel plans with loved ones despite being away from each other.

The PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan, which is powered by the PLDT Group’s robust and resilient fixed and wireless networks, will also allow subscribers to access and enjoy exclusive offers from PLDT HOME and Smart’s other digital lifestyle partners such as Zalora, foodpanda and Airbnb, whether at home or on mobile.

Give your loved ones the family-sized connection they deserve. Switch to #PLDTHomeDSL now and get 50% off your broadband bill for 1 year. Plus, enjoy FREE Installation and a FREE WiFi Modem – no cashout needed! Visit now. Promo is valid until March 31, 2016.

The GOppets are definitely changing teams now. And you can too, with the PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Plan. #ShareTheConnection! For more information, log on to

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