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Pink’s Hotdogs Manila

Every other Tuesday, Kap has a long standing date with his mother. Walang paltos yan, rain or shine, pwera nalang kung may bagyo -yung tipong lumilipad na ang mga puno sa himpapawid! :P Kap takes his duties seriously. Di nga ba, may kasabihan..


and he treats me mighty fine! <3 Sana si Babyson din balang araw ganyan sa akin. Good luck to me! #librengmangarap ;))

Every other Tuesday, he’d come home earlier than usual with my MIL, have lunch, then off to an afternoon of bonding -meeting sila & meryenda hehe. 49% malamang ako ang topic ng byenan ko sa sasakyan palang. 51% naman mga kasambahay namin. Buti na lang kasali sila at hindi ko solo ang pagka-kontrabida sa buhay nya, trololol!

Fact: Akala nyo lang hindi strict si Kap, pero wag ka, the moment I step foot outside of the house, mag-call & text na sya parang may radar. “WRU? Asan ka? What time ka uwi? Wag ka mag-shopping”. HAHAHAHAHA! Yun pala ang concern nya! ;))

That’s why last week when the cat was away, and because my mom can’t deal if her BFF is out gallivanting without her, (plus it’s MUCH easier dealing with one senior citizen than two) my Kuya & I took her out to lunch at Pink’s Manila in Shangri-La Fort. Pink’s Manila is a retail shop located in the hotel –lalabas ka. It’s not part of the hotel food outlet.

carUsually, nagkakasya na kami na movie & lunch si Mom somewhere nearby lang while the other lowla is away, like in Festival Mall, SM or ATC. Ewan ko ba that particular day, kinati akong gumala ng malayo. Yan tuloy dahil sa lakas ng ulan & almost zero-visibility, nakabangga ng sasakyan si Kuya hehe. Sowee Kuya.. sa susunod uli ha??? ;))

Pink’s (Hotdogs) Manila

Shangri-La Fort, 3rd Ave, Bonifacio/Global City, Taguig, Philippines (02) 772 1147

Hollywood’s famous Pink’s Hotdogs by husband & wife team, Paul & Betty Pink, is now in Manila! Straight from L.A., Pink’s Manila is the hotdog chain’s first international location. The restaurant has over 11 hotdogs to choose from..


Not on the menu is the new REUBEN DOG which, of course, we tried.


Pink’s Manila is self-serve. You go to the counter to place your order & pay. All major credit cards are acceptable.


I liked the clean, no frills table set-up, it’s like having a picnic in the park. With aircon, lol.


And since the owners of Wildflour are partners with Pink’s Manila, a very cute Pharmacy Ice Cream truck is there to offer gooey treats after your meat-y encounter. ;P


Because it takes just about 2 hours to get to anywhere from Alabang (FML), we got to Pink’s Manila at around 2:30 pm. No crowd, only dogs. Yehey!! \m/


On the table: Cheese Fries 260 php, Chili Cheese Fries 280 php, Crispy Potato 280 php, Onion Strings 150 php, and Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Milkshakes 220 php each.


On the table: Hollywood Dog 280 php, Don’t Mess with Texas 250 php, East LA 250 php, Tokyo Dog 250 php, Reuben Dog 250 php, and Chicago Dog 250 php.


Sorry about the over-lighting effect. Sayang, the whole place is so instagramably-pretty pa naman!


What I’d like to see more of at Pink’s Manila.. Good ‘ol american PIES! Here’s their one & only pie, the Banana Cream Pie 230 php each. Hopefully they offer other dessert pies in the future.


Now Pink’s Manila is just a hotdog joint, plain & simple, so don’t expect too much. You go for the hotdogs, toppings, and Makati ambience. That’s it, nothing special. I’ve read a couple of blogs where the authors say the branch here, compared to the ones abroad, didn’t meet their expectations. Guys, chill. Hotdogs lang yan. A hotdog, is a hotdog, is a hotdog. Period, wag masyadong mapaghanap.


I also wanted to try Sugar Factory sana. But we already had milkshakes & pies. Quota na ako on the sugar intake hehe. Plus no room in our tummies for more dessert..


So I just bought assorted gummies & candies as pasalubong for Ate. Babyson is like Kap, hindi mahilig sa sweets.


And because my Lovey decided to be a pescetarian like her Ate, no hotdogs for her (which means more for meeeee!). She got an Egg white omelette instead, also from Sugar Factory.

Oh well, I’ll just save that field trip for another Tuesday. #TuesdaysWithMommy ang peg. ;)



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