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Pink Panty at Pink Panda (again!)


I got you at pink panty, didn’t I! :P Sorry, but my post is saccharinely sweet & wholesome, haha.

Richard & Irene made Kap & I their saling-kit again as we double dated just this last Ramadan holiday at Pink Panda. I am no stranger at Pink Panda. My girls LOVE the food their for the kitschy-sounding names, not to mention the delicious asian small plates. We always look forward to trying out their latest offerings. And let’s not even talk about the overall mood & ambience, hahaba masyado ang blog post ko. Tignan nyo nalang. :P

I already wrote about Pink Panda HERE & HERE, but because I’m a sucker for both pink.. and the uber cute panda.. and Pink Panda the restaurant itself, I said YES right away to Richard when he asked if Kap & I wanted to tag along.

Because it was a holiday, it only took Kap & I 30 minutes to get there. Amazing! If only it were Ramadan every day.

It’s impossible to miss Pink Panda because it’s ensconced at the Y2 Residence Hotel with the Yin & Yang drawing on the building. Just look up & you’ll find it.


Pink Panda South East Asian Diner

Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago St. cor B. Valdez Poblacion, Makati (02) 856-3790

Pink Panda is a concept diner created by Erwan Heussaff and the Hatch 22 group serving South East Asian cuisine with a modern twist. It features Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, and Filipino comfort food. Now don’t forget the twist, that’s what makes Pink Panda so exciting! ;)





A function room is available for private meetings.



Love this modern asian look & feel. When we build another home I’d like it to be modern-asian inspired & I’ll make our dining room exactly like this one. Down to the lighting.




Pink Panty 110 php (tall glass) – Cap’t Nemo’s Mom 220 php (yellow) – Soda water, fresh lime, lemon, orange, mint leaves, and Sail Boat 220 php (orange) – Spiced rum, aperol, cherry brandy, homemade blood orange syrup, lemon juice.




Pink Panda Pork Buns 210 php. Chinese sausage, woodear mushroom, salted egg. A must have when you visit Pink Panda. For the photo op alone, it’s so worth it right?



Our mothers taught us not to play with our food. But these panda buns are just soooo adorbs that we couldn’t help it! <3



Here. Kissing Pandas! :)



Syempre naman nainggit ako. Kissy-kissy Kap! :-*



Gising Gising Gyoza 240 php. Coconut stewed pork, winged bean, garlic aligue sauce. One of the reasons I loe coming back to Pink Panda over & over again is because of the unique & clever offerings. Like this one. If you’re a gising-gising lover like me, you’d like this, I guarantee.



Lobster Ball Laksa 380 php. Sugar crusted pork belly, hofan noodles, soft boiled egg, crispy tofu. Knowing how much I love laksa, Richard & Irene gave me the whole bowl. No sharing, YAY! <3 So tasty & spicy. And yes, I finished it all by myself mommy. :))



Naknam.. mga food shots ng asawa ko, level up na diba. Pati ako humahanga! ;)) Lessons from Tales From the Tummy who takes really great food photos! In fair, even people photos kasi feel ko payat ako tignan pay sya ang kumukuha! ;)



Tempura Shrimp Har Kaw 320 php. Warm raddish soy. This was one of my many favorites that day. So yummy! Another unique spin on tempura. <3



Singaporean Chili Crab Bun 240 php. Ginger, leeks, thai chili paste. Everyone’s favorite at our table. Must have! <3



Lemongrass and Bagoong Pork Dumpling with Pickled green mango 320 php. I really really have to commend the chef for the imagination & playfulness. Looks good & tastes great!



Fish Head Curry Mahi mahi, red and yellow curry, eggplant, pineapple, coconut, chilis (good for 2-3) 1,450 php. I don’t know how to eat fish head & I was scared na matinik. But Kap liked this & this was his ulam with extra rice pa. Not spicy at all.



Double dating. Thank you Pink Panda & MONIQUE MONASTERIO for having us. :-* #busoglusog



Modern Ice Kacang 185 php. Mais, chickpeas.



Panda Balls 210 php. P&J, dark chocolate, red mongo.



Ito pa. Nakikipagsabayan talaga sya kay Tales From the Tummy, lels. Sorry honey, I just couldn’t resist! hahaha! Thank you for taking such beautiful photos for my blog & for always supporting me. <3

Thank you Pink Panda for having us. And thank you Richard & Irene for taking us along as always. :-*

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