Pink Panda South East Asian Diner

In Chinese culture, the blue and green dragons are associated with nature, serenity, growth and health. The red dragon is associated with luck, fire, passion and the heart.

On the eve of Chinese New Year, we were stopped by a green dragon on our way to Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant. On the day itself, we were stopped by a green dragon on our way to The Pink Panda. So, does this mean I get all those mentioned above?? ;)

We were waylaid for a good 10 minutes as this red dragon strutted his stuff in the middle of the road!

For our CNY lunch celebration, I took the girls to PINK PANDA at ate’s request, a Southeast Asian Diner created by Erwan Heussaff (of the Hatch 22 fame) featuring Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, and Filipino comfort food.

Ground Floor Y2 Residence Hotel
4687 Santiago St. corner B. Valdez & Singian Sts., Makati
Email: pinkpandaph@gmail.com
Mobile: +63 (917) 794-2005
Phone:+632 224-3000 loc 3057
Instagram: PinkPandaManila
It’s really tricky getting there, especially if like me, you are not familiar with Makati -a city filled with one way streets. It’s at the end of Makati Avenue, ensconced in this black & white Ying/Yang painted (Y2) residence hotel..

The lobby was cute. Would have loved to investigate but ate was rushing to meet her blockmates for a group project after a quick lunch.

I love attention to details. <3

This photo belongs to seaprincess (instagram).

Pink Panda was on its soft opening so we weren’t expecting much.

But boy, were we in for a delightful surprise! m/

Not only was the interior cute, but the food we ordered blew us away with its yummy goodness.
And the price was actually pretty reasonable.

They have a slightly private table if you wish to have a private party.

“P” is for Ms. Piggy PINK PANDA!
I actually asked why the name. They said Panda because they served Asian food.
And pink because well Makati’s color is neon pink.

My Lovey taking photos for her Instagram.

The menu was pretty basic, and most were not available.
But since it’s just their soft opening phase, I’m confident they will have more surprises in store coming soon.

They make up for the masculine industrial feel with cute wallpaper here & there strewn across the upper walls. And wait ’til we get to the food. Cuteness overload, I tell ya! <3

But first, my drink: PINK PANTY! 110 php.

I’m telling you. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! Your date will surely love it here.
For the food to be oh-so-good, and affordable at that, is a BIG PLUS.

Chicken Sate 310 php.
The kids don’t normally like sate because of the peanut-y flavor but this was not overwhelming at all. The chicken bits were soft & flavorful, the salad spicy the way we like it.

Dimsum Thensome 290 php. Now this is really value for money. 4 kinds of dimsum, 12 pieces/order. We were able to try all 4 each & we were very very happy! <3

Spicy shrimp dumplings.

Chili garlic ponzu.

Pork mushroom shiu mai.

Kuchay Shrimp dumpling.

Steamed Hakaw 150 php.

Pink Panda Rice (180 php) in a cute flower pot. I DIE!!! <3
Chicken, chinese sausage, yellow rice, lettuce.

This beautiful rice with so much fillings almost made me cry! ;P
If you’re a light eater, this serves 2.
Because we had noodles, we just shared 1 order of rice.

With my lovely girls who always makes mommy happy by always lavishing me with so much love, time, and attention. <3

Fad Thai 270 php. Again, in a beautiful pink flower pot. <3
This was bursting with thai flavor I could have eaten 1 order by myself!

Oh.Em.Gee. This is the piece de resistance! <3 Pork buns presented as lovable pandas!!!
They were too cute to eat. GAAAAH!
180 php for 2 pcs.

It’s like a mini Tai Pao.
Not your ordinary bola-bola siopao. This is a glamorized siopao with so many yummy things mixed in!

Chef Siggy Torrente even came out & asked us if we enjoyed the food she prepared.
Naturally, I had to have our photo taken for posterity.

Too bad that their only dessert available was the fruit platter. I know for a fact we would have loved any dessert the talented chef had to offer. We only have the Hungry Hound on our list to tick off all of Erwan Heussaff’s restaurants. Soon, I promise! ;)

Nián Nián Yǒu Yú  (Wishing you prosperity every year!)

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