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Pink Panda Revisited

Disclaimer: This is a pre-Paleo post that has been pushed & hidden at the back of my memory & has begged to be released! :P


I love restaurants that always reinvent themselves & keep from being boring. It makes you excited and wanna go back for more to try those new amazeballs dishes. Such is PINK PANDA.

I normally try not to eat at the same resto twice so I can blog about other establishments for you my dear readers. But when I saw new CUTE dishes on Instagram like Pink Panda’s GIANT SHAO LONG BAO which I happen to love love love, I knew I had to go back & try it for myself.


Ground Floor Y2 Residence Hotel
4687 Santiago St. corner B. Valdez & Singian Sts., Makati
Mobile: +63 (917) 794-2005
Phone:+632 224-3000 loc 3057

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I will never tire of PP’s quirky interior! <3







What we came for the second time around! <3 Xiao Lang Boom 240 php. Pork and shrimp broth, ginger Chinese black vinegar. Just LOOK! How can you not love this? And I mean both that cutie patootie face as well as the XLB! <3

The soup was steaming hot & oh so tasty! Too bad I didn’t get to take a photo of the inside. Next time, I promise! ;)




Of course I will never miss asking for my panda friends. Admittedly, they are better looking than they are tasty. But what the heck, their cuteness is enough. Panda Buns 210 php. Steamed pork buns, mushrooms, salted egg, sriracha hoisin. See?? Cuteness overload. And no, I don’t mean me. :P Just my panda friends! ;))



Congee Overload 265 php. Rice porridge, tofu, mushroom, century egg, cream Dory. Tasted just like watered down arroz caldo, actually.


And because this impressed us so much the last time we went, my girls got one order each of this Dimsum and then Some 350 php. 10pcs. of assorted dimsum: Spicy shrimp dumplings, pork mushroom shu mai, kuchay shrimp dumplings, pumpkin and shrimp, shrimp hakaw, chili garlic ponzu. OH SO YUMMEH! <3 One order has 2 pcs. each of these delectable dimsum! Can’t get enough of them GAHHH!




I can always count on my girls for companionship. I’m so blessed that they like hanging with their old mum. <3


Panda’s Balls 210 php. Black and white sesame coated buchi with peanut butter jelly and dark chocolate (5 pcs.)


Chocolate filling instead of the usual bean.

To see the rest of the menu, CLICK HERE.

On my second visit & still, I haven’t gotten around to making usi the rooms in the Y2 hotel. I bet everything else is as cute! My mind just goes blank after a yummy meal. :P Sorry about that. I will make a conscious effort to take a tour next time before eating haha.

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