Pink Hearts & Great Eats

I got a pleasant surprise last week when Ria sent a group message to her select mommy friends regarding a valentine’s day lunch at her lovely home. It was for today. I was so excited to join a “grown-up” lunch. Since I have devoted all my time being a wife & mommy, I am sorely lacking in girl friends haha. I was so touched to be included in their group as my kids were all grown up & not in the same class as theirs. And yet here they were, inviting me to their soirees. :) Who am I to pass that up? m/

The very beautiful Ria! <3

However, it was not in the stars for me to join the lovely ladies. </3 Ate had to watch a Variety Show in school, starring ALL her friends, as a show of support. By ALL friends, I mean her entire barkada. Ergo, she will be watching it alone if I didn’t go with her. So, abandoning the thoughts of a lovely lunch & chika moments with the girls, I went with ate to fulfill my mommy duties. :P

As expected, one by one, pictures of their lovely lunch were posted on Instagram. I viewed them all with regret & envy as I tried to block out all the screaming inside the Medicine Auditorium where the show was held. Oh my, what a lovely sight. All hearts & pinks! My heart stilled for a moment! <3

I asked Ria if I could post some pictures of their lunch here on my blog so you, my dear readers, can get some inspiration for your rendezvous with the mister! ;) Guaranteed to make his heart melt & take you shopping! ;)

The other ladies were so nice to send me photos as well to share with you. Thank you Ria, Regine & Cathee for these beautiful photos! It’s as if I were with you as well! <3

I’m sooooo in love with the glasses!!! <3 
Awwwww just look at the little touches that spell out BIG love to her girl friends! <3

Even the bread were in heart cut-outs. OMG it’s so hard to top these, Ria!!! <3

Watermelon & Goat Cheese Salad. Drool!!! </3
I wonder where Ria got her glasses & plates! (my heart is palpitating).
I WANT!!! Waaaaaa!!
Seafood & Sausage Pasta. Another </3 moment!!! @_@ 
Vanilla & Red Velvet Cupcakes. <3 <3 <3  
and as always when you get-together with these lovely ladies.. OVERFLOWING GIVEAWAYS!!!
Yay! I see my name!!! <3
Super gorgeous mommies in PINK! <3
They all don’t look a day over 30, don’t you think?
Panira ako sa kanila, mwahaha! ;P

If you wanna sample some of Ria’s creations & experience her touch of class, head on over to Prime 101. What’s great about her restaurant is you can ask them to make your food to your specifications -exactly the way you like it. If they have it, they’ll cook it for you! Or you can opt to go traditional, sit back, and let chef Marco Legasto take care of you. ;)


2226 Chino Roces st. Barangay Bangkal Makati, 1231 Manila, Philippines(02) 720 8674

February 14, 15 & 16
Make sure you call for reservations! :)
No price yet, I’ll make sure to ask Ria about it tomorrow.
Photo: copyright Prime 101.

Thank you so much, Ria, for such a beautiful & thoughtful valentine lunch. Even though I didn’t make it, I felt the love & care can you put out for us in the preparations alone. What more if I got to sample pa your food.. Bliss, I’m sure! <3 I hope I get invited again next time haha. Hell or high waters cannot stop me from joining you ladies.

I just love February. It makes everyone fall in love all over again! <3

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