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Pink Egg Episodes

I’m super obsessed with Jin Perez of Jinlovestoeat. I love her life of travel & non-stop eating (and I swear to you, she eats like a horse but doesn’t even put on a pound!). My girls & I, we stalk her Instagram daily on where she is currently. What she is doing, what she is eating, where her traveling feet have taken her. Parang ang sarap sarap maging Jin with nary a care in the world as she eats & hops one country at a time! :)



My ultimate favorite, the super cute JIN PEREZ, with my 2nd favorite, GWAMA!!! <3 This photo belongs to Jin Perez.


So when she posted a part 2 of her sister Jamie & cousin Frances’ Pop Up resto, the PINK EGG EPISODES, omg no ifs or buts.. I simply HAD to be there! ;)


To read about Jin’s post on PINK EGG EPISODES Part 1, CLICK HERE.



Went there extra early at 11 AM on the dot, armed with goodies for our dearest Jin! <3 yes, sipsip talaga kaming 3! :P


I had my good friend, the talented Chef Anna Chua of Pink Wasabi make Jin an ultra decadent classic chocolate cake filled with Parmigiano Reggiano Dark Chocolate ganache. And of course the Kashi Makis which are Pink Wasabi’s banner carrier. I am absolutely positive that our dear Jin, who loves to eat, will LOVE these! <3





Anyway, going back to the Pink Episodes Rerun..



These 3 succeeding photos belong to Pink Egg Episodes.



Not only was the burger TO DIE FOR.. 150 grams MAYURA WAGYU patty with FOIE GRAS topping. But knowing Jin’s uber supportive family, the ENTIRE CLAN was sure to be there. Coz that’s just how they roll.

Case in point.. Too bad Gwama wasn’t there boohoo! </3



Pagbigyan na! Just pretend I’m part of Jin’s FUN FUN FUN family! <3


Because I’m such a feelingera.. feelingerang kapamilya, lels. I went out back -which was off limits, just to see Frances & Jamie in person, and in action. Jamie’s husband Benjie just looked at me helplessly while I crossed the line teehee. Wala siyang magawa, he was like 1/3 my body size! I also got to see another of Jin’s gazillion cousins Florence.. who was surprised I knew her name. Oh girls, forgive the stalker hahaha! :P





Once I got the photo ops out of the way, I focused my attention on the spoiled (but very dead) cadbury-chocolate-and-gummy-bear-fed beef wagyu. (RIP. MOO.)





Heart attack moment! Can you see it??? Can you???


Ate tried the Katipunan Craft Ale DEAR FRED COFFEE BEER that featured Brazil Alta Mogiana coffee cold-brewed with her burger. She liked it because of the strong coffee flavor..



The perfect burger meal! <3 With Foie Gras 1k. Without Foie Gras 800 php. Plus 1 beverage of your choice included (Beer or Coffee).


My pretty girls with their pretty burgers! LHAV!!! <3


As expected, YARDSTICK COFFEE was filled to the brim. Everyone wanted to get a hold of these magical burgers!




Busy busy barista..


I had another sweet surprise in store that day. I finally got to meet my online friend, CHE TAN! <3


PicMonkey Collage

I was so happy to finally meet Jin’s college buddy, the very pretty & posh CHE. I have inherited her from Jin. :)) Thank you Che for the very thoughtful & healthy pasalubong from La Union! <3



With the posh sisterakas HimynameisIVY & himynameis CHE. <3 Thank you Che for being a friend to me & my girls. We super kaduper love you!!! :-*


Congratulations JAMIE & FRANCES on a very successful event! 3-peat please??? And happy birthday Jin! We love you to the moon & back!!! :-*



Should you wish to sample Pink Wasabi’s many wonderful treats, do visit ASIAN EATS at The Podium this weekend! SEE YOU THERE! ;)

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