Saw this new version of Pictionary in Rustan’s. Couldn’t resist buying it for the kids. Sooooooo CUTE!!! <3

Electronic version of Pictionary. How fun!!! :)
You get to draw on the “man” & 2 other props included.
It chooses the word for you. Here it says FEED :)
You find it under the feet. Super cute!
It also has a built-in timer.
Ate drew this. I thought it was eating. Actually snake-man at first hahaha because of the tongue! :P
My baby loves her new toy. Can’t wait to have her friends over for a playdate.
Here my baby drew BEDBUGS. Uhmmmmm ??? :))
Ate’s turn. FOOTBALL. I guessed correctly this time. Haha! :P

Almost 2k, not bad. I highly recommend this for the whole family! :)

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